The London Sovereign Volvo Olympians

This page created 5th March 2007. by Ian Smith

London Sovereign took over the 292 (Colindale - Borehamwood) in its own name in December 1998, having previously worked it under the BTS banner. Eight Volvo Olympians were acquired, and liveried in Blazefield Group's immaculate way in their "Yorkshire Coastliner" style with blue and pale cream, black skirt and red cheat-line, plus route-branding.

The buses stayed on the 292 until it was upgraded with low-floor Volvo B7TLs at re-tendering in late 2002. The batch of Volvos were transferred to Blazefield's Harrogate & District, mostly in early 2003.

Palatine 1-door drawing EDR27, Croydon Sept 2000

64, now Harrogate & District 2964, at Wetherby in August 2005.
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