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London Area Dennis Tridents

The Dennis Trident was a classic low-floor double-decker chassis. It came with a variety of body-builders' offerings, most commonly the Alexander-Dennis ALX400 body, which produced some very large classes with major London operators: Another popular body was the Plaxton President:
  • First Bus, 9.9m TN, 10.5m TNL
  • Metroline, with 9.9m TPs and 10.5m TPLs
  • London General, with 9.9m PDLs
  • Blue Triangle, with 9.9m TPs and 10.5m TPLs
Then there was the East Lancs Lolyne:
  • Blue Triangle, with 10.0m Lolyne TLs
  • Metrobus, with 9.9m Lolyne
  • Sullivan Bus, with 10.8m DEL1
  • Hackney Community Transport, with 10.0m East Lancs Myllenium HTLs

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