Prepared on Notepad and Paint by Ian Smith,

This page created 8th January 1999

Paper Titan

If you want to make up a fold-up model Titan, then click here. Save it, then print it out 8.0 inches wide using a graphics package , such as Paint Shop Pro. Stick it to some card (corn-flakes packet is ideal), then cut out, remembering to leave some bits for tabs. Fold it up, stick it together. Repeat until you get it right.

Alternatively, use the drawing as a set of patterns for making your own polystyrene sides to stick onto glazing. O.K. so that means building an interior, stairs, seats, wheels... but you can have such a good time building it... It could keep you off street corners and the internet for weeks!

Have FUN!

PS, If you like fold-up buses, have you found the page of them on The London Bus Page?

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