Prepared on Notepad by Ian Smith,

This page created 8th January 1999, updated 1st March 2009.

Photographic references

For a key to the references, see the bibliography.

       BCK 706R  LBM22 p03            at MIRA, Nuneaton, on test

T  04  NHG 732P  Bus489 p09           on 694-where?
                 BYB00 p43            at Commercial Motor Show?
                 LCityB p125       CF on 24 to Hampstead Heath, B15 prototype
                 LBM115 p13        CF on 24 to Hampstead Heath
                 RLB p107          CF on 24 to Victoria
                 CB58 p13     4/77 CF on 24 to Pimlico
                 RT p234      4/77 CF on 24 to Pimlico	
                 LCityB p33   1977 CF on 3 to Crystal Palace, Traf Sq
                 LB&TA p45         CF on 3 to Camden Town, Crystal Palace 
                 Bus417p532   9/89    at Showbus, with K&M Gagg of Bunny

T   1  THX 401S  CBY95 p42    1978    in  Parliament Sq., red/white, bullseye
                 BYB00 p33    1978    in  Parliament Sq., red/white, bullseye
                 LT6395 p81   1983    showing 248A to Hornchurch Garage, Chiswick, red/white
                 LBM115 p13   1983 RD on 193 to Hornchurch, red/white
                 LBM68 p42         RD on 165 to Mardyke Estate, red/white, bullseye
                 LBH86 p53    5/85 RD on 248 to Cranham, Aldenham Ambassador; LT50 symbols
                 LBT&N p76    1988 RD on 248 to Romford Market, Hornchurch
                 Bus405p547   9/88 RD on 248 to Romford Market: RD's last day
                 Bus532 p16   5/99 NS in North Wales for Ffestiniog Railway Gala, St.E.L,
                 LBM115 p66   6/99 NS on 174, Stagecoach, rear view
                 TLB488 p37   3/05 RD on 58 to East Ham (Stagecoach last day on 58)
                 LBM138 p03   9/06 WA on 9 to Green Park Station, Aldwych
                 LBM145 p59   6/08 RD on 103 to Romford Station
                 LBM145 p59   6/08 RD on 8 to Holborn Station
                 LBM145 p59   6/08 RD after LOTS Annual Rides: handover to Roger Wright

T   2  THX 402S  CBY95 p42    1978    in Parl. Sq.; red/white, bullseye
                 BYB00 p33    1978    in  Parliament Sq., red/white, bullseye
                 LBM138 p00        CH on 87 to Romford Market, LB: East London
                 AIHLB p85    1990    on 174 to Noak Hill; red, grey skirt, white band
                 LBM115 p57  12/00 NS on 496 to Romford Market, Harold Wood Stn
                 TLB470 p37   9/03 RD on 66 to Romford Station

T   3  WYV 3T    CBY95 p42    1978    in Parl. Sq.; red/white, bullseye
                 BYB00 p33    1978    in  Parliament Sq., red/white, bullseye
                 Bus489 p33   1995    on 294 to Noaks Hill, St. East London; white + stripes
                 LBM115 p49   3/97 NS on 128 to Ilford; white + stripes	
                 LBM122 p33   8/01    "new deal" transport training promo bus	

T   4  WYV 4T    LBM122 p0    9/02    on 185 to Lewisham, Victoria, Blue Triangle		

T   6  WYV 6T    LB&TA p49            on 165 to Havering Park; plain red, bullseye		

T  11  WYV 11T   TLB456 p42   7/02    on 53 to Elephant & Castle, New Cross, Blue Triangle 

T  14  WYV 14T   BYB99 p51            on 4 to Farringdon St., Islington, L.Suburban, red/brown/white		

T  15  WYV 15T   LBT&N p75    1994    on 294 to Havering Park, LB: E. London; red, white stripe		

T  20  WYV 20T   LBM115 p14   9/79 RD on 252 to south Hornchurch: red, white upers		

T  22  WYV 22T   LBT&N p70    1994    on 86 to Stratford, LB: E. London; red, white stripe		

T  28  WYV 28T   LBP&P p55    1980    on 165 to Havering Park: red, white uppers, bullseye		

T  29  WYV 29T   B2011 p52    */95    Stagecoach A1 Service, Ayrshire  

T  31  WYV 31T   LBM32 p00   11/81 RD on 248 to Cranham, Romford Market, red, white uppers

T  34  WYV 34T   LBM68 p44         RD on 256 to Emerson Park, red, bullseye

T  36  WYV 36T   TLB435 p00  10/00 NS on 496 to Romford Market, SEL, red

T  37  WYV 37T   LBM68 p46         RD on 252 to Gidea Park Stn, red, grey skirt, white tape

T  42  WYV 42T   LBM115 p14   9/79    at Aldenham for pre-service checks

T  43  WYV 43T   Bus459 p08   1993    on 420 to Ashford Hospital, AML Coaches

T  46  WYV 46T   LBM139 p15   4/06    at Manchester Museum of Transport London Bus Day: GTL livery

T  47  WYV 47T   LBM138 p21   6/84 BK on 287 to Rainham, red

T  53  WYV 53T   LBM115 p30   2/87 AG on 22 to Homerton: red 

T  56  WYV 56T   LBM115 p14   9/79    at Aldenham for pre-service checks

T  57  WYV 57T   LBH98 p139        BT on 114 to South Harrow Stn, Sovereign: red, orange band

T  66  WYV 66T   LBM115 p20   9/83 RD at Aldenham: 1933 General livery
                 LBM68 p42    */83 RD on 193 to Hornchurch: General livery

T  68  CUL 68V   Bus470 p24   1994    on Merseyside, Avon Buses, blue/white 

T  69  70 CLT    LBH95 p20    7/94 SF on 333 to Mile End Stn, Waltham Abbey, open-top, Leaside Travel
                 LBM136 p45   */97 SF on 333 to Broxbourne Lido

T  73  CUL 73V   LBM160 p34   9/82 NS on 66 to Gidea Park Station

T  74  CUL 74V   Bus547 p06   2000    MASS Transit, Sheffield: white/green/red

506    CUL 77V   LBM160 p55        ED on 271 to Highgate Village, Archway, London Suburban

T  78  CUL 78V   LBM86 p06    7/93    on 570 Rail Replacement, L&C green/green/red, #913
                 LBM88 p10    */94    on 188 to Greenwich, L&C: green/green/red
                 Bus470 p25   1994    on 188 to Euston, L&C: green/green/red
                 LBM136 p39   6/98    on London Pride service 8, red/cream

T  79  CUL 79V   LBM115 p45        PD off 122 to Plumstead Garage, Plumstead garage, red/grey/tape

T  80  WLT 898   LBH95 p62    3/95 CH on 449 to County Park Estate, East London Coaches red/silver

T  81  CUL 81V   LT6395 p62           on N98 to Romford, Traf Sq.: red		

919    CUL 90V   LBM121 p40        AG wheel-less at Ash Grove: cannibalised, Londonlinks

T  94  CUL 94V   LBT&N p16    1994    on 188 to Euston, L&C: green/red/green, #914	
                 Bus501 p52  c8/96    Clydeside, #924, red/white/yellow
                 B2011 p53    */96    Clydeside, #924, red/white/yellow	

T  95  CUL 95V   LBH95 p20   12/94 SF on D9X: Monument and Crossharbour, Leaside Travel

T  99  CUL 99V   LBM68 p12   12/88 AG on N11 to Hackney Wick, New Years Eve

T 100  CUL 100V  LBM100 p62   1/90 BK on 238 to Stratford
                 LBM102 p15   1996 SF on 333, Lea Valley Leisure Bus, OPEN TOP
                 LBM115 p51   6/97    visiting Epsom Races, Leaside Travel, open-top
                 LBM136 p48   4/01 WD Arriva TOLST, Marble Arch 

T 111  CUL 111V  Buses470p25  1994 ED on 4 to Archway, L. Suburban, brown/brown/white

TE112  CUL 112V  LBM115 p20   9/83    Aldenham: showing 178 Express: white, red flashes for 177 Express

TE113  CUL 113V  LBH86 p55    1985 PD on 178 to Thamesmead: white, red flashes for 177 Express

T 116  CUL 116V  LBM32 p3     1/80 BK on 62 to Chadwell Heath, Barking: red		

T 119  CUL 119V  LT6395 p75           on 22B to Homerton, Picc Circus: red
                 AIHLB p87            in Nottingham, Nott. City Transport, ex LT 1993	

T 121  CUL 121V  LBM107 p54        U  on 8 to Stratford, Willesden garage, LB: East London

T 122  CUL 122V  LBM107 p55        AP on 86 to Stratford, LB: East London

T 125  CUL 125V  LB80p00      1979 BK on 62 to Barkingside, Chadwell Heath: red
                 ABC80p00          BK on 62 to Barkingside

T 129  CUL 129V  LBM115 p44   3/96    on 4 to Waterloo: MTL London #515

T 132  CUL 132V  LBM160 p24   9/82 BK on 66A to Ilford

T 141  CUL 141T  LBT&N p71    1983    on 62 to Barking, Chadwell Hth: red	
                 BYB99 p51            on 4 to Farringdon St, Islington: London Suburban

T 143  CUL 143T  LBM115 p15  c1980 BK on N95 to Barking Garage: red	

T 145  CUL 145V  BYB00 p40            with Merseybus

T 148  CUL 148V  LBM138 p21           on B3 to Becontree Heath, Barking

T 172  CUL 172V  LBM105 p32   1998    on 600 to Greenwich, Parliament Square, 1933 livery
                 LBM108 p09   1999    used on P11, Surrey Quays and London Bridge: 1933 livery

T 206  CUL 206V  LBM39 p10    1981 BK burned-out, on low-loader

T 207  CUL 207V  LBM115 p15   1980 AP on 139 to Ilford & Seven Kings Garage 

T 208  CUL 209V  Buses516 p52 1997    in yellow Schoolbus livery, Western Scottish #966

T 214  CUL 211V  LBM88 p10    */94 ED used on 4 to Waterloo Stn, London Suburban

T 214  CUL 214V  LBH98 p152        TL used on 208 to Orpington, St. Selkent: all red

T 224  CUL 224V  LBM93 p06    */95    trainer, Stagecoach Selkent, white/stripes

T 228  CUL 228V  LBM133 p43   4/95    with Kinchbus, blue/yellow     

T253   GYE 253W  LBM159 p46   */81 U  on 5 to Waterloo, Becontree Heath        

T 257  GYE 257W  BFaut94 p21  1994    in Liverpool, MTL: cream/red

T 258  GYE 258W  LBM115 p16   1981    on 238 to Stratford, East Ham: red
T 268  GYE 268W  TLB435 p33  10/00    in Sheffield, MASS: red

T 272  GYE 272W  LBM115 p29  10/87 CF on 24 to Hampstead Heath, red, broad white band, black skirt   

T 281  GYE 281W  Buses512p53  1997    Stagecoach Western #946, white/stripes

T 284  KYN 284X  LBH86 p54    6/85    on 5 to Becontree, Waterloo: red

T 282  KYN 282X  Buses491p42  1996    on 174 to Dagenham, St.E.London, SINGLE DOOR: white&stripes		

T 286  KYN 286X  LBM80 p08    2/92    on D10: Canary Wharf & Leamouth, red, grey skirt, gold band? 

T 287  KYN 287X  LBM115 p39   5/91 N  on 2 to West Norwood, Victoria, ex London Forest 

T 288  KYN 288X  LBM39 p02    1981 WW on 34 to Barnet, Palmers Green, red 

T 296  KYN 296X  Buses470p24  1994    with Whippet in St Ives (Camb): cream/blue/black

T 298  KYN 298X  B2011 p54    2002    with Earnside of Glenfarg: yellow

T 299  KYN 299X  LBM68 p10   11/88 WW on 102A to Upper Edmonton, red

T 300  KYN 300X  LBM116 p19   4/00    with Whippet in Cambridge: cream/blue/black

T 302  KYN 302X  BFaut94 p55  1994 WW showing 52, Victoria, London Coaches: red/white, 52 branding
                 LBH98p114    7/97 CS on 27 to Paddington, Metroline Contract Services

T 308  KYV 308X  LBM80 p09   c1/92 BN on 59 to Purley, red, grey skirt, white stripe		

T 309  KYV 309X  LBM115 p44        WL on 176 to Penge, Londonlinks #918 green/green/red		

T 311  KYV 311X  LBM115 p00   4/97    on 277: Canary Wharf & Leamouth: Stagecoach red, white stripe		

T 318  KYV 318X  LBM52 p04    2/85 WW on 48 to Walthamstow Central Stn
                 LBM68 p11   11/88 WW on 215 to Walthamstow Central Stn
                 LBT&N p57    1994    on 30 to Marble Arch, LB: E London: red, white stripe		

T 322  KYV 322X  LBM39 p3    11/81 WW on 97 to Leyton, Walthamstow Central: red	

T 327  KYV 327X  AIHLB p86    1987    on 123 to Winchmore Hill, Ilford: red

T 340  KYV 340X  LBM66 p15    8/88 BW on N8 to Queensbury Stn, Regent Street
                 LBM72 p11    9/89 BW on 345 to Becontree Heath, Woodford Ave. 
T 344  KYV 344X  Buses470p25  1994    on Merseyside, Merseybus: maroon/cream

T 345  KYV 345X  LBM68 p10    */88 WH on 58A to Canning Town, Leyton Stn, red

T 346  KYV 346X  LBM68 p10    */88 WW on 34A to Walthamstow Central Stn, red

T 347  KYV 347X  LBM106 p08   1998    on 60, Blue Triangle

T 355  KYV 355X  LBM72 p04   10/89    on 104 to East Ham Stn, Stratford, tape-grey

T 357  KYV 357X  LBM115 p51   3/97    on 91 to Trafalgar Square, Capital Citybus

T 371  KYV 371X  LBM80 p09   c1/92 TC on 166 to Chipstead Valley

T 373  KYV 373X  Buses498p49  6/96    with Village, in Kinch blue/blue/yellow

T 374  KYV 374X  LBM115 p16   3/82 WW on 276 to Walthamstow Central Stn: red

T 375  KYV 375X  AIHLB p86    1990    on 131 to Wimbledon Stn, Westlink, ex-London Forest (T)
                 LBM88 p10    */94    on N52 to Victoria, London Coaches

T 382  KYV 382X  LBM115 p39   4/93 BN on 118 to Morden Stn, LB: South London

T 387  KYV 387X  LTBG p77     */87 CT on 30 to Islington, Clapton garage

T 389  KYV 389X  LBM52 p07   12/84 WW on 699 to Walthamstow Garage

T 393  KYV 393X  Buses464p10  9/93    on 4 to Waterloo Station,	London Suburban
                 BYB95 p24            on 4 to Waterloo Station,	London Suburban

T 394  KYV 394X  LBH95 p62    4/95 T  on 30 to Hackney Wick, Stagecoach, red, black window surrounds

T 396  KYV 396X  Buses526p50  1998    on Edinburgh Airbus Express, Guide Friday
                 B2011 p53    1998    on Edinburgh Airbus Express, Guide Friday

T 398  KYV 398X  LBM52 p03    2/85 WH on 25 to Ilford, Holborn

T 402  KYV 402X  BYB95 p121   1985 PR on 277 to Aldgate, Poplar garage: all red

T 404  KYV 404X  LBM107 p56   198* WH on 262 to West Ham garage: all red

T 414  KYV 414X  LBM80 p09   12/92 SF on 149 to Stamford Hill, red, grey skirt, white tape
                 LBM115 p59   1988 WW on 34 to Walthamstow Central Stn, red

T 426  KYV 426X  LBM115 p18   1982 SP on 51 to Orpington Station: red

T 429  KYV 429X  LBM115 p17   3/82    on 20A to Leytonstone: red

T 436  KYV 436X  LBM52 p05    3/85 WH on 299: Stratford & Eastway

T 457  KYV 457X  CB91 p14    11/88 WW on 102A to Chingford Station, Chingford Station

T 459  KYV 459X  LBH95 p49    4/95 HR on 52 to Victoria, red/white Atlas Bus/Metroline

T 462  KYN 462X  B2011 p55    2005    with Stagecoach Western, Glasgow: yellow School Bus

T 470  KYV 470X  LBT&N p68    1994    on 86 to Stratford,Ilford: red, white stripe		

T 472  KYV 472X  LBM128 p50  12/83 PR on 40 to Poplar, Aldgate

T 474  KYV 474X  LBM68 p12   12/88 CF on Circular West End Night Service, New Years Eve

T 476  KYV 476X  LBM45 p07    4/83 PR on 40 to Poplar, Herne Hill, red

T 477  KYV 477X  LBM68 p11   11/88 WH on 257 to West Ham Garage, Walthamstow, red

T 479  KYV 479X  Bus470 p25   1994 WW on 52 to Ladbroke Grove, London Coaches, red/white, 52 branding

T 480  KYV 480X  LBM138 p23        CH on 387 to Little Heath, Barking, E.London, tape,grey skirt

T 487  KYV 487X  BYB00 p84            on 29 to Tottenham Ct Rd Stn, Enfield, L.Northern

T 505  KYV 505X  LBM80 p08   12/92    on X15 to Chareing Cross, East Beckton

T 511  KYV 511X  CB54 p33     1984    at rally, showing 253 to Stamford Hill

T 512  KYV 512X  LBM68 p08   11/88 U  on 15 to Aldwych, open-top
                 Bus408 p112 12/88 U  on 15 to Aldwych, open-top, evening
                 LBM159 p47   5/89 U  on S1 Stratford Circular, open-top, ELC livery
                 LBM115 p51   9/92 U  on H99 Circular Tour, Hounslow Open Day, open-top
                 TLB486 p37   */04    with Stagecoach Cumberland  on 599 to Bowness
                 LBM145 p53   6/08 BW on 15 to Aldwych, Bow Garage Centenary

T 514  KYV 514X  LBM52 p07   12/84 PR on 697 to Romford Market

T 516  TAZ 4064  Buses525 p46 1998    in use by Kimes

T 523  KYV 523X  TLB452 p40   3/02    in used by Legg's Travel on 442, Staines
                 LBM122 p65   4/02    Legg's:used on Cobham Museum service 

T 528  KYV 528X  LBM88 p40         FY on 82 to Golders Green

T 532  KYV 532X  LBM115 p26  11/85 PD off 291 to Plumstead Garage, red

T 544  KYV 544X  TLB459 p37  c8/02    in use by Blackburn Transport

T 568  NUW 568Y  LBM137 p8    1995 NS on 87 to Barking, Romford Stn, red

T 572  NUW 572Y  LBM159 p49   3/96 U  on 473 to North Woolwich, Stratford Stn, Stagecoach red

T 577  NUW 577Y  LBM115 p37  c1991 AG on D1 to Waterloo Stn, red, tween-decks white, D1 branding

T 587  NUW 587Y  LBM163 p34   */85 U  on S1 Stratford Circular, red
T 592  NUW 596Y  LBM45 p17    5/83    on 225 to Aldgate, red

T 596  NUW 596Y  Buses489p34  1995    Stagecoach-Coastline, ex Selkent	

T 600  NUW 600Y  LBM70 p70    4/89 CF on 10 to Hammersmith Bdy, Marble Arch

T 612  NUW 612Y  LT6395p117           in Liverpool, Merseybus

T 613  NUW 613Y  LBR86 p0     6/86 WH on 58 to Canning Town, West Ham Corporation Tram livery
                 LBM159 p46   6/87 U  on 15 to Ladbroke Grove, WHC Tram livery
                 LBM115 p27   2/88 U  on 101 to Cyprus, East Ham, West Ham Corporation Tram livery

T 614  NUW 614Y  LBM88 p10   12/91    on 378 to Wanstead Park Stn, red, grey skirt, white tape

T 616  NUW 616Y  LBM163 p40           on W7 to Finsbury Park Stn, Stroud Green, red, grey skirt, white tape

T 620  NUW 620Y  LBM115 p43   9/94 BT on 114 to Mill Hill Broadway Stn, BTS orange/yellow

T 626  NUW 626Y  LBH95 p02    */95 BW on 26 to Waterloo Stn, Stagecoach red

T 640  NUW 640Y  LBM115 p53   9/98 TB on 60 to Old Coulsdon

T 643  NUW 643Y  LBM80 p08   12/91 WH on D9 to Bank, Tower Hill

T 648  NUW 649Y  LBM115 p41        AP on 86 to Romford Stn, Stratford

T 673  NUW 673Y  LBM111 p32   8/98    Stagecoach Transit #281, Stockton

T 688  OHV 688Y  LBM115 p54   1998    East Kent 7208, Canterbury

T 689  OHV 689Y  LBM45 p06    */83 BX on 132: Eltham & Bexleyheath Circular, Blendon, red

T 700  OHV 700Y  B2011 p52    */97    Stagecoach Western, Glasgow

T 715  OHV 715Y  LBM159 p34   7/97 BX on 601 to Dartford Heath, Thamesmead, L.Central

T 721  OHV 721Y  B2011 p55    2002    with Rennies of Dunfermline: red

T 741  OHV 741Y  BExtra70p33  1990 MH on 43, Muswell Hill, London Northern: red, grey skirt, white stripe		

T 744  OHV 744Y  LBT&N p69    1994    on 147 to Keir Hardie Estate, LB: E. London: red, white stripe		

T 745  OHV 745Y  Buses470p24  1994    in Oxford, Oxford M.S: red/black/white

T 747  OHV 747Y  LBM45 p11    5/83 NX showing 188 to Russel Square, LT Jubilee Launch, gold/yellow/white #T1983
                 LBM45 p10    5/83 NX on 188 to Kings Cross, Elephant, gold/yellow/white #T1983
                 LBM115 p19   1983 Q  on 188 to Euston, gold/yellow/white #T1983
                 LTBG p69     1983 GM on RLST, at Victoria garage, gold/yellow/white #T1983

T 749  OHV 749Y  LBM106 p08   1998 TB used on 60 to Streatham Common, St.Selkent

T 751  OHV 751Y  LBM164 p42   6/86 SP on 51 to Orpington Station
                 Buses478p42  1994    on 48 to London Bridge Stn: E. London: red		

T 757  OHV 757Y  TLB461 p37  12/02    on 364 to Uplands Estate, Town & Country #213		

T 762  OHV 762Y  LBM115 p36        TL on 124S to Catford Garage: red, grey skirt & bits, white tape	

T 764  OHV 764Y  LBT&N p28         BX on 244: Woolwich & Broadwaters: Bexleybus, red, grey, white tape
                              1994    on 172 to Moorgate: red, white stripe, rear view	

T 766  OHV 766Y  LBT&N p87    1994    on 45A to South Kens.Stn, LB: L.Central; red/grey, white stripe		

T 772  OHV 772Y  LTBG p44     1990 MH off W7 in MH, red/grey, white stripe		

T 794  OHV 794Y  LBM115 p19   1983 NX on 18 to London Bridge Stn: red

T 796  OHV 796Y  LBM115 p32   1988 MH on 43 to London Bridge Stn, Mill Hill garage: red, grey, white tape

T 799  OHV 799Y  LBM116 p19   2/01    with TMTravel, Chesterfield: Unibus livery

T 808  OHV 808Y  LBM115 p51   7/99    Big Bus Co, canvas roof	

T 813  OHV 813Y  Buses545p12  2000    on 185 to Victoria, Lewisham, St.Selkent, red		

T 816  RYK 816Y  LBM115 p47        TL on 136 to Grove Park, Lewisham: Stagecoach Selkent red

T 819  RYK 819Y  LBH98p145         T  on 69 to Walthamstow Central Stn, St. E.London: red

T 822  RYK 822Y  LBH95 p71    4/95 TB on 119 to West Croydon, St.Selkent: red

T 823  A823 SUL  LBM162 p15   8/12    with Travel with Hunny, yellow Garnetts livery, Loughton

T 833  A833 SUL  LT6395 p84           on 108B to Crystal Palace, Greenwich: red		

T 837  A837 SUL  LBM100 p56   1997 TB on 166, Croydon, Selkent, rear view

T 860  A860 SUL  LTBG p45     1990 MH on 43 to Colney Hatch Lane, at MH, red/grey, white stripe		

T 869  A869 SUL  PrB4 p21     1998    Oxford Bus Museum	preserved, Oxford red/blue/white, #975

T 880  A880 SUL  LBM115 p31   1988 BW on 25 to Ilford, all red

T 884  A884 SUL  LBM66 p02    1988    on DLR Replacement, Devons Road, Bow

T 888  A888 SUL  LBM145 p62   7/08    on 269 to Bexleyheath Garage, pre LEZ

T 899  A899 SUL  LBM115 p37   5/93 WK on 131 to Kingston, Westlink

T 904  A904 SYE  BYB93 p104        Q  on 176 to Penge, L. Central: red, grey skirt, white stripe		

T 908  A908 SYE  LBM134 p08   8/05 FL on Rail Replacement, High Wycombe, Blue Triangle		

T 910  A910 SYE  LTBG p44     1990 MH on 43 to Colney Hatch Lane, in MH, red/grey, white stripe		

T 911  A911 SYE  LBH95 p81    4/93 WK on 131 to West Molesey, Westlink

T 917  A917 SYE  Bus395 p65  12/87 NX on 21 to Eltham: red, grey skirt, white band (the first)

T 921  A921 SYE  LBH86 p54   10/85 NX on 141 to Grove Park: red

T 929  A929 SYE  LBM128 p51   6/89 Q  used on 40 to Poplar, Blackwall Tunnel: dot-matrix blinds
                 LBM70 p14    1989    on 178 to Penge, Elephant & Castle: DOT-MATRIX display, red/grey/white stripe		
                 LBM115 p35        Q  on 185A to Lewisham Bus Stn: dot-matrix display

T 935  A935 SYE  LBM115 p23   1986 Q  on 176 to Oxford Circus, Forest Hill: all-red		

T 937  A937 SYE  Bus408p112   1989 PM on rail replacement, all-red		

T 949  A949 SYE  BExtra70p29  1990    on 131 to West Molesey, London Central: red/grey/white stripe		

T 951  A951 SYE  LBM72 p09    1/90 TL on 160S to Lewisham, LB: Selkent red/grey/white stripe		

T 952  A952 SYE  LBM115 p34   6/90 BX on 178 to Tamesmead East, Bexleybus: blue/white
                 LBM115 p0    2000 NX on 172 to Brockley Rise, London Central: red, grey skirt, white/yellow tapes		

T 954  A954 SYE  LBM115 p54   3/98    on 37 to Peckham: L.Central red/grey/white stripe		

T 961  A961 SYE  TLB591 p41  10/13    on 353 to Gerrards Cross, Green Line livery!

T 968  A968 SYE  CB54 p32     2001    showing 461: not in service, White Rose: red/grey/white stripe
                 CB54 p35     2001    various details, including interiors

T 970  A970 SYE  LBT&N p89    1994    on 45 to Clapham Com, LB: L.Central: red/grey/white stripe, rear view	

T 971  A971 SYE  LBM115 p23   1986 Q  on 176 to Oxford Circus, Forest Hill: all-red		

T 976  A976 SYE  Bus534 p46   1999    with Bayline, Stagecoach livery

T 977  A977 SYE  LBM115 p21   6/84 PM on N74 to Bromley North, Trafalgar Square: all-red		

T 979  A979 SYE  LBT&N p00    1994    on 3 to Crystal Palace, Whitehall: red, white stripe		

T 983  A983 SYE  RM_2 p113    1989    to Elephant & Castle, Lewisham: red, white stripe

T 985  A985 SYE  Bus550 p8    2000    Alpha Coaches, Hull: white, orange/brown swoop

T 986  A986 SYE  LBT&N p24    1994    on 40, Aldgate, Leaside Buses: red, white stripe, rear view	
                 TLB616 p42  10/15    in service on 474 to Canning Town during DLR strike

T 990  A997 SYE  LBM115 p49   1986 TB on 199 to Bromley Common, Waterloo Bridge, red

T 997  A997 SYE  LBH86 p57    3/86 NX on 188 to Greenwich, Waterloo: red, yellow tourist band

T 999  A999 SYE  B2011 p55    2004    with Stagecoach Wester, white/black/red/blue

T1000  ALM 1B    LBM132 p33  10/02 Q  on 12 to Camberwell Green, London Central, electronic display

T1006  A606 THV  LBM164 p42   6/86 TL on 160 to Catford
                 TLB453 p00   4/02    on 501 to Romford Market, Stort Valley Local-link

T1008  A608 THV  LBM86 p06    5/93    at Press launch for 800 Waterloo & City replacement, red/white/black

T1009  A609 THV  LBM72 p12   10/89    on N62 to Orpington, Trafalgar Square

T1012  A612 THV  Buses523 p13 1998    open-top with The Big Bus Company
T1014  A614 THV  LBM155 p62   6/97 SP on 21 (rear view)

T1018  A618 THV  TLB466 p0    2003    on 12 to Peckham, Whitehall

T1024  A624 THV  BYB04 p01            part-open-top, Big Bus, Parliament Square

T1041  A641 THV  TBM80 p05    2/92    on 1 to Rotherhithe, Elephant & Castle

T1059  A59 THX   Buses547 p13 2000 SJ on Victoria Line replacement, Southlands yellow/white/blue
                 TLB433p53    8/00 SJ on Victoria Line replacement, Southlands yellow/white/blue

T1070  A70 THX   LBH98 p66         NX on 133 to Kennington: L.Central

T1076  A76 THX   LBT&N p99    1994 TL on 75 to Lewisham, Norwood, LB: Selkent; red, white stripe		

T1078  A78 THX   LBM132 p29   6/94 PM on 12 to Dulwich, Trafagar Square; red, white stripe, grey skirt		

T1088  B88 WUV   LBM66 p14    8/88 PM on 12 to Dulwich,  red 

T1091  B91 WUV   Buses537 p56 1999    on Dumfries Open Top Tour 

T1093  B93 WUV   Buses525 p32 1998    in use by Guide Friday, Inverness

T1097  B97 WUV   B2011 p53    */97    Stagecoach Fife Scottish

T1100  B100 WUV  LT6395p106           on 194 to Croydon Airport; red/grey, white stripe		

T1101  B101 WUV  LT6395p120        TB on 119 to Bromley North Stn, St.Selkent; red		
                 LBH86 p55    1985 TB on 119 to Bromley North Stn; red

T1108  B108 WUV  LBM52 p07   12/84 TB on 261 to Lewisham, leaving Bromley Garage

T1110  B110 WUV  LBM122 p33   5/02    with Stagecoach Cumbria, open-top, green/cream

T1114  B114 WUV  LBM72 p18   10/89 BX on 272 via Bentham Rd, Bexleybus blue/white
                 LBM115 p45        PD off 53 to Blackheath, Plumstead garage, red/grey/tape

T1124  B124 WUV  LBM115 p24   4/85 TB on 47A to Bromley Common, Aldgate, red

T1125  B125 WUV  LBM115 p53   8/97 TL on 194 to West Croydon, Stagecoach red

T1127  WDA 2T    LBH86 p56    1985 PD on 177 to Plumstead Garage, single door, red/white: Selkent Travel ex WM

T1128  WDA 3T    LBM115 p25   2/86 PD on 177E to Greenwich & Thames Barrier, single door, red/white: Selkent Travel ex WM

T1129  WDA 4T    LBH86 p56    1985 PD on 604A to Brighton, single door: red/white: Selkent Travel ex WM

T1130  WDA 5T    AIHLB p87    1990 PD Private, at Brighton, red, broad white band, ex West Midlands PTE
                 BYB00 p42            with Red & White, Gloucester

005    BCK 706R  LBM115 p0    1976 CF on 24 to Hampstead Heath, Victoria    
T1131  BCK 706R  LBM66 p15    3/88 TL on 124 to Grove Park, Grove Park
                 LBM115 p43        TL on 124 to Catford
       TMX 535R  LBM102 p44   1994    on 604 to Town Centre, Watford , Universitybus
       GNF 15V   Buses525 p38         in use by Universitybus, on 603

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