The Tilling London TS3A

This page prepared by Ian Smith, created 15th March 2022.


The TS3A was Tillings' replacement for its hugely successful TTA1 class. Those has replaced horse-buses from 1911, and soldiered on until 1921. Now the competing General (The London General Omnibus Company) was starting to use its 46-seater K-types. So Tilling introduced its own larger bus, the TS3A. This has a longer wheelbase and longer body, the upper deck slightly overhanging the driving position. This gave twenty-six seats on top, and twenty-two inside, using forward-facing seats. An additional three could sit on a bench seat alongside the driver on private hire or contract work, behind the bonnet. The driver's seat was offset to the off-side, but still offering normal-control.

The first two new TS3As started operating in from July/August 1921, on the 59B (Camden Town - Reigate), from Croydon garage, supplementing the TTA1 fleet, which was still less than the 150 allowed on weekday services. Twelve more were added to the 59B during September and early October, before the reduced Winter schedules, which saw the 59B curtailed at Coulsdon. One more in November saw the winter 59B allocation complete at fifteen. The next new buses went to Catford for the busy 36 (West Kilburn-Hither Green), displacing TTA1s. Croydon received TS3As for the 59A

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