RT1702 at Petts Wood Station

Bromley Mini Running Day

Sunday 11th December 2016

Prepared by Ian Smith, 14th December 2016.

Part Two: RH1 on R7

R7: Petts Wood Station to Coppice Estate (RH1)

I had a little while to wait at Petts Wood Station for the R7. I used the time to walk down to a service station to buy a sandwich and drink for later use. Back at the Station Approach I had less than a quarter-hour before RH1 appeared from the south and pulled in to the station stops. With Santa driving, it made the turn to pull up at the departure stop.

RH1 on R7, Petts Wood Stn RH1 on R7, Petts Wood Stn

This was the first time that I had seen RH1 since it was derelict in Southland's yard at the back of Swanley Garage, still in blue and yellow. It has been renovated and restored to Roundabout maroon and grey. I chatted to driver/owner Tom Gurney. It seems that although these little buses were the lineal descendants of the very popular GS class, in terms of size and purpose, this is the only one preserved.

RM1397 was running a bit late on the 94. We were just about to set off when it arrived and added to our complement of passengers.

RM1397 on 94, Petts Wood Stn

We set off, turning right along the parade of shops on Queensway, and turned the corner to head west along Franks Wood Avenue. A little way along we turned off left onto Oxhawth Crescent. We were on the London Outer Orpital Path - the LOOP, where I had walked a few years back. We went straight ahead down Faringdon Avenue as the Crescent veered away, and went almost to its end before turning right to loop back up Whitebeam Avenue. I was suddenly taken back sixty years. This was where I had visited my uncle, aunt and family back then, having walked across from the 94 terminus at the Crooked Billet. RH1 turned right into Lovelace Avenue, and pulled up at a stop by a spacious green. Most of the passengers decanted to take photos.

RH1 on R7, Coppice Estate RH1 on R7, Petts Wood Stn

R7: Coppice Estate to Orpington High Street (RH1)

We reboarded "Kestrel" and made our way back onto Oxhawth Crescent, and turned right onto Southborough Lane. As we forked left onto Franks Wood Avenue we passed EnviroTrident 10150 on a 208 to Lewisham Station.

RH1 on R7, Coppice Estate 10150 on 208, Southborough Lane/Frankswood Avenue

We followed the road round onto Queensway, and passed the station. Dart SLF, today's rolling stock on Roundabout services, passed on an R3 to Farnborough Hospital. We went on, turning onto Crofton Road, to soar over the railway and continue east to meet Perry Hall Road. We turned right and followed it down into Orpington, to reach the terminal point of the 208, where 10189 was standing. We turned right onto Orpington High Street and terminated at the stop there.

253 on R3, Queensway 10189 on 208, Orpington

R7: Orpington High Street to Petts Wood Station (RH1)

RH1 on R7, Orpington RH1 on R7, Orpington

From the stop at the very north end of the High Street we went forward, to the junction with Chislehurst Road. There we met Scania 15096 heading for woolwich on the 51, and followed it round to the stands for other Orpington services. We debouched onto Perry Hall Road, and followed it back to the end of Crofton Road. We headed back to Petts Wood Station, where the little bus pulled in to Station Approach and turned round.

15096 on 51, Orpington RH1 on R7, Petts Wood

Now, where was RT1702?

Part Three: Double-decker journeys.

Photos by Ian Smith. Click on any of them for a larger picture.

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