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Boro'Line Maidstone 701-702 (Kentish Bus 706-707)

Boro'Line Scania

Boro'Line Maidstone had been successful in winning a London contract to operate the 132, 228, 328 and 233 routes, the middle pair being the anticlockwise and clockwise versions of the circular 228 (previously 228A and 228C). Boro'Line had ordered fourteen Leyland Olympians, but only eleven arrived in time. Boro'Line made up the shortfall with a Volvo Citybus and a pair of Alexander- bodied Scanias. They arrived in dealer white in March 1988 and were numbered 701 and 702. 701 received an overall advert for Crayford Motors in November 1989.

132Eltham - Bexleyheath
228Eltham Stn - Chislehurst - Sidcup - Eltham Stn
328Eltham Stn - Sidcup - Chislehurst - Eltham Stn
233Eltham Stn - Sidcup - Swanley

In 1991 Boro'Line retained the above routes at retender, as well as gaining several new routes to add to its London tender portfolio. But Boro'Line Maidstone ran into financial problems, particularly with its home town operations. Kentish Bus considered buying the whole, but after inspecting the books declined, and in February 1992 bought just the London operations, including the Crayford base and the buses, including the two Scanias. Kentish Bus already had five Scanias, numbered 701-705, so these two were promptly renumbered 706 and 707. Otherwise, initially at least, the buses continued as they were. In September 1992 they moved to Dartford, then back to Crayford in October 1993. They later spent some time working from the Kentish Bus base in Lewisham, before transferring north to Midland Fox at Leicester in December 1995.

Kentish Bus 701-705

Kentish Bus Scania Kentish Bus, newly bought by the Proudmutual Group, needed to upgrade routes 51 (Woolwich - Orpington Station) and 51A, which had been the target of public and press criticism since KB took it on in 1986. Five new Scanias were bought in June 1988, with Alexander bodywork, and were completed in the primrose and maroon new livery. They were given low profile tyres so that they could operate under Sidcup Railway bridge. The other buses allocated to Swanley garage for the routes were also given the new livery.
The efforts were successful: the 51 contract was retained in August 1989, although the older Atlanteans that had worked alongside the Scanias were replaced by new Olympians. But Swanley closed (again), the buses transferring to the newly reinstated Dartford garage.

They stayed with the 51 in January 1991, but formed a separate allocation for the route at Dunton Green garage. But in September 1992 the 51 was tendered away to London Buses, and the Scanias were redundant. They moved away to Nottingham City Transport, which was collecting the type.

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