RT3148 at Hatfield

Hertford & Stevenage Running Day

Sunday 4th June 2017

Prepared by Ian Smith, 24th June 2017.

Hertford to Stevenage

Hertford Bus Station suddenly seemed to fill up with wonderful green RTs: as well as RT3148 between 390 turns, Green Line RT3228 came in from Stevenage, and RT2083 came in to work a short 310 to Ware.

RT3228 on 390 RT2083 on 310

After that the bus station went red: the East Kent Reliance, red routemaster RM1397 and red RF406 (with Uxbridge doors) in from Great Munden with a 384A.

RM1397 RF406 on  384A

T792 pulled in, set up for a 308A to Little Berkhamsted

T792 off 308A

390: Hertford to Stevenage Bus Station: RT3148

Now it was time for our next foray with RT3148: back to Stevenage. So I crossed over to board, which gave me a good view of parked RF406 with its later pattern of doors.

We pulled round onto the stand to load up, then twirled round the bus station. As we left RT2083 came back in.

RF406 RT2083 on 310

The trip up to Stevenage was uneventful: wonderful rolling Hertfordshire scenery, but unexciting.

Then we reached Stevenage bus station, and there was immaculate Green Line RT3254, ready for the return journey to Hertford. I had watched out for it all day, as it was on similar duties to RT3148, but we had consistently missed contact. But here it was: wonderful!

RT3254 on 390 at Stevenage

RT3148, based for the weekend at Stevenage, was now finished for the day, so I said thanks and farewell to Jon and Les, and watched as it set off round the bus station. RM1397 was on the centre stance, to provide the last return to Hertford.

RT3254 on 390 at Stevenage

Many thanks to all those who provided the running day, in whatever capacity: planner, timetabler, bus owners, drivers, conductors, programme compilers, programme sellers... and especially to the RT3148 crew, John and Les, who made it such a memorable weekend.

RT604, RT2083, RT3148, RT3228, RT3254
RF406*, RF429*
RM1397*, RM1699*
East Kent WFN513#

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