RT3148 at Hatfield

Hertford & Stevenage Running Day

Sunday 4th June 2017

Prepared by Ian Smith, 24th June 2017.

Afternoon shift

390: Hertford to Stevenage Bus Station: RT3148

RT3148 followed RF429 out of Bircherley Green Bus Station, At the inner by-pass roundabout we met RF406 inbound followed by a Centrebus Solo, presumably 327.

RF429, RF406 and Centrebus Solo at Hertford

We followed the inner by-pass west, briefly, then turned off onto the old road through Hertford, at this stage still following RF429. A gaggle of cyclists delayed us a little, and the RF disappeared. We continued on, under the Hertford Loop at Hertford North station, and on up the High Roasd towards Waterford. A surprise was RT604, which came round a corner the other way.

cyclists in Hertford RT604 on 390

We went on, passing under the railway again and sauntering through Stapleford. There we met Green Line RT3238 heading south on the 390 (although with Epping-Ongar Railway 339 blinds).

RT3228 on 390, Stapleford

We ran along beside the long wall of Woodhall Park. We made the turn into Watton, but this time passed straight through, without the double run up to the station. We continued on past Bragbury End into Stevenage, and turned into Stevenage Bus Station.

303: Stevenage Bus Station to Hitchin, and return: RT3148

RT3148 at Stevenage RT3148 at Hitchin

A filling-in turn was a 303 shuttle from Stevenage to Hitchin and return.

RT3148 at Hitchin RT3148 at Hitchin

390: Stevenage to Hertford: RT3148

We made an uneventful return to Hertford. Back there was a greater variety of buses. RM1699 came in off a local turn, making a colourful contrast with RT604, resting off the 341.

RM1699 at Hertford RT604 at Hertford off 341

Country RF633 came in to the stop next to RT3148 off a 393 journey, and was followed by another post-war Regal: T792.

RF633 at Hertford T792 at Hertford off 341

Part Six: Back to Stevenage

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