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Pay As You Board STLs

The PAYB STLs, STL1793, STL2284, (Total 2)

London Transport started some experiments towards the end of the war with Pay As You Board, using seated conductors at a till, plus a small waiting area for those still to pay. Two STLs were modified for the trials, plus two trolleybuses and RT97.

STL 1793 was rebuilt in September 1944 with a single centre doorway and a staircase ascending to the rear over the offside rear wheel arch. Between October 1945 and March 1945 it ran with a seated conductor on Route 65 (Ealing - Richmond - Leatherhead). Or rather it crawled: loading times were extended as not all passengers could board into the waiting area at busy stops (a lesson ignored several years later when LT went wholesale for one-person operation.) But London Transport learned some lessons at the time. STL1793 continued in service but with a normally mobile conductor, latterly in the Country Area, until it went for overhaul in September 1947, when it was given a standard body.
Meanwhile STL2284 was rebuilt in November 1945 with dual doors: an entrance in the first bay and an exit in the third bay, with the cash register and seated conductor in between. It too went to work from Kingston garage (K) on the 65, until April 1946. Never a concern to give up an idea without exhausting the possibilities, LT sent it to Windsor to work on the 445 (Windsor - Datchet Common) for a month or so, then the experiment was terminated. STL2284 operated in normal conductor mode at Leatherhead until March 1948, then it too was rebuilt.

Photographic References

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STL1793  DLU 11  BBB7 p85   1944 K  on 65 to Kingston, Ealing Bdy, PAYB, centre entrance
                 LSubB p56  1944 K  on 65 to Kingston, Ealing Bdy, PAYB, centre entrance
                 CB31 p36        CY on 434, Roffey Corner & Horsham, green, standard body

STL2284  EGO 336 CB37 p37        K  on 65 to Chessington Zoo, PAYB 2 dr roofbox
                 LSubB p56  1945 K  on 65 to Kingston, PAYB, two dr

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