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The Red Line STL

STL 558 (Total 1) 13STL9

RedLine STL Another early independent user of the long Regent was Red Line (Brickwood). This firm was also acquired by LPTB in December 1933.

Chassis: AEC Regent (16ft 3in), petrol, Daimler gearbox, triple servo brakes. (1932)

Body: a second-hand Birch Bros body (1930), came from a Daimler chassis, and was rebuilt 1931 by Birch Bros with a casing enclosing the staircase and rear, an enclosed cab, roller blinds (front and rear) and stencil roof-boxes, to produce a quite striking bus by the standards of the time. After transfer to London Transport in late 1933 it was inspected by the LT engineers, who were unhappy about its structural integrity, especially at the rebuilt rear end. The blind apertures were also of non standard sizes, so that LT blinds would not fit.
RedLine STL This resulted in its being rebuilt (by Birch) to outside staircase condition, with boards instead of the roller blinds. It also lost the two roof-box stencil holders, and in common with the other acquisitions gained "General" labels stuck on the sides. These changes transformed it from being a very modern-looking bus compared with the standard LGOC fare of the time, to a rather old-fashioned looking bus.

It was sent off to Harrow Weald to work alongside the DST class, with which it shared the Daimler transmission. It moved to Catford in November 1936, and spent most of its London Transport career working on the 75 route (Woolwich-Blackheath-Catford-Penge-Croydon-Caterham Valley), alongside Tilling STs, where its outside staircase was not unusual. Roller blinds were reinstated in 1939.

After withdrawal during the war it was used for training, until disposal in 1946.

Partial History

STL 558  GW 2294   1932    new to Redline, AEC Regent 6611810, petrol, preselector gearbox
                           secondhand Birch body (1930), rebuilt: enclosed staircase, blinds
                           used on 218 (Sudbury - Kings Cross)
                  12/33    taken over by LT: used initially from Golden Cross garage
                   1/34 CS transfer to Chiswick
                           rebuilt: open staircase, blinds removed: H26/24RO, 13STL9, #14328
                   3/34 HD transfer (Harrow Weald), used on 114
                   1935 HD
                  11/36 TL transfer: used on 75 (Catford). 
                   37-8 TL
                   4/39    overhaul: fitted with roller blinds, 
                           metal rainstrips in place of glass louvres
                   40-1 TL
                   8/41    overhaul
                   9/41 TL used on 75, roller blinds at front
                   1/42 TL withdrawn from service
                  10/43 X  reinstated (Middle Row)
                   1/44 HD transfer 
                   7/44 PB transfer (Potters Bar)
                   9/44 PB withdrawn into store.
                   3/46    sold to Lancashire Motor Traders (Knott Mill)
                   */46    sold to F.H.Yates (Runcorn)
                           re-engined (diesel), and rebodied: Transunited C33F
                   9/48    bought by Sykes Motor Tours (Sale)
                   5/54    bought by G&S Motors, Hooton
                  10/55    withdrawn

Photographic References

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STL 558  GW 2294  LB2939 p85          Original condition, with Red Line
                                      on 218 to King's Cross.
                  STL p36     1932    on 218, RedLine
                  STL p37     1932    on 218 to Kings Cross, Harrow Road, RedLine
                  LYG p95             on 218E to Sudbury, Kings Cross
                  STL p37    12/33    rear view: enclosed stair, still in RedLine livery
                  STL p38     3/34 HD on 114 to Mill Hill, rebuilt to open stair, "General"
                  STL p38     193* HD on 114 to Edgware Stn, rear view
                  LBM1 p5     3/34 HD on 114 to Mill Hill 
                  LB2939 p86       TL "Converted", with stencils and boards,
                                      on Route 75 to Caterham Valley
                  CB36 p43         TL on 75 to Caterham Valley
                  LBBW p31         TL on 75 to Caterham Valley, Perry Hill.
                  STL p92     9/41 TC on 75 to Woolwich, West Croydon, roller blinds at front

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