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Daimler ST

DST 1-3 Daimler STs (Total 3)

Three 1930 Daimler CH6 chassis were fitted with almost-standard ST2 bodies. The reason for this apparent aberration in the General's standardisation policy was to be found in the transmission of this small group of buses: they were London's first with epicyclic gearboxes and fluid transmission, and were a significant step forwards towards the RT! On the other hand they had a sleeve-valve 5.7 litre engine as used unsuccesfully in the much larger LS class.

They worked from Harrow Weald on Route 18 to London Bridge, and on the 83/183 group of routes. They were fitted with windscreens in September 1931. Their chassis were sold in 1935, the experiment having run its course. The bodies, however, were placed on new 15ft 6.5in Regent chassis and numbered in the STL series!

DST 1-3 (Ian Smith)

Daimler ST5

DST 4 Eagle Daimler ST (Total 1)

DST4 had a Daimler CF6 chassis, and was new to the Eagle Omnibus Co. in 1930. It had a closely-seated Birch body, and was taken over by the LPTB in November 1933. It did not last long, being sold off in July 1935.

DST 5 Redline Daimler ST (Total 1)

DST 5, with Dodson body, was a Daimler chassis bus taken over from Redline. This was also sent to Harrow Weald.

The chassis was sold in 1935, and the body placed on a new 15ft 6.5in Regent chassis and numbered STL 1262 !

DST 6 Private Hire Coach Daimler ST (Total 1)

West London Coaches operated a coach service between Victoria and Rickmansworth. Part of the mixture of coaches used was GP 689, a 1931 Duple-bodied Daimler CH6 with Wilson preselector gearbox and fluid flywheel. Being mechanically similar to the other DST buses it was included in their ranks when West London Coaches was taken over by London Transport in January 1934. But it escaped exile to Harrow Weald, being instead allocated to the Private Hire department at Brixton. It was painted into two-tone green with black trim and a silver roof.

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