RF308 at City Station

St Albans Running Days

Saturday & Sunday January 10th-11th 2009

Prepared by Ian Smith, 22nd January 2009.

330 to Welwyn Garden City, and back, RML2330

RML2330 arrived from Hemel Hempstead, bound for Welwyn Garden City on the 30 route. I climbed aboard. T792 pulled away ahead of us, heading down to City Station.

RML2330 on 330 at St.Albans. T792 rear.

We were away too. I was invited to share the front seat behind the bonnet. We turned down Victoria Street, and met SNB218 on the stiff climb up from the station. A little further on we met RF633, which had changed over during the day with RF489, with RF633 returning from works attention to the offside panelling and RF489 heading for it. Now RF633 was heading up to St.Peters Street.

SNB218 on Victoria Street. RF633 on Victoria Street.

We went by the station and on round to the Hatfield Road, and headed east. We met RML903 roaring westwards on the other 330 service, and a little while later RT3254, lighting up the rapidly falling dusk like a friendly green dragon.

RML903 on 330. RT3254 on 803.

We turned left at The Comet to head for Welwyn Garden City, but down at the roundabout beside the motorway we turned right over the River Lea to enter the new town. We madfe our way into the town centre, and round to the station, where we paused briefly for photos in the dusk.

RML2330 at WGC. RML2330 at WGC.

Then it was back to St.Albans in the dark.

Heading home, RF633

We reached St.Peters Street just before five o'clock. I checked with Colin Rivers that I could hitch a lift on RF633, and went to let RF28 know that I was not travellin home with them. They had a full load anyway. At five the Greenline service for London departed. RF633 followed shortly after, heading south from St.Albans to reach the M25, then heading clockwise round the motorway to the Dartford Crossing, where we soared over the Queen Elizabeth Bridge. Colin and Alan dropped me off at Swanley Junction before heading off for home, and I promptly caught a train for Bromley South.

RF633 at St.Peters Street.

Many thanks to all those who organised the event, and especially to those owners who allowed their buses out in winter conditions. Thanks also to the crews - drivers and conductors - without whom the days just would not happen.

system map.

Photos by Ian Smith. Click on any of them for a larger picture.

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