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Saturday 12th April 2014

Prepared on Wordpad by Ian Smith, 17th April 2014

Part 2: More Journeys on the 22

Piccadilly Circus to Shoreditch Church: RT3062

I wondered whether to change chariots, but there was a good crowd at the stop, and my chance of getting such a prime seat again were slim. So I stayed with RT3062 for the return journey.

As we prepared to get under way RT3871 dashed round the corner into Great Windmill Street. We set off past the crowds of photographers, up Shaftesbury Avenue. GreenLine-liveried RT3238 came bustling along between the theatres.

RT3871 on 22 at Piccadilly Circus RT3238 on 22, Shaftesbury Avenue

The next RT to pass was another of the GreenLine variety, this time RT3491. Then at Holborn Circus it was RTL453 that appeared, in its early livery and late-fitted roofbox body.

RTL453 on 22 at Holborn Circus

We passed Bank, and turned up through the confines of Threadneedle Street to Bishopsgate. Yet another green bus came along, this time Country Area RT1700 on a full run to Piccadilly Circus.

There were plenty of modern double-deckers about, mostly Tridents or DAF/Wrights, but a single-decker caught my eye at Liverpool Street Station: Scania/East Lancs ELS6 on the 42 to Denmark Hill.

RT1700 on 22, Bishopsgate ELS6 on 42, Liverpool Street Stn

As we crossed over the railway lines curving out of Liverpool Street, behind Trident 17740 on the 8, we met RTW467 coming into town. It was closely followed by Saunders-bodied RT1396, bearing 22 blinds but a large PRIVATE slip-board.

17740 on8, RTL467 on 22, Shoreditch High Street RT1396 on 22, Shoreditch High Street

Suddenly RT1 was coming, hiding behind traffic lights. It passed. Then we were at Shoreditch Church, terminus for this short-working. The bus pulled off the High Street into Calvert Avenue, beside the church.

, RT1 on 22, Shoreditch High Street RT3062 on 22, Shoreditch Church

I walked back to the High Street. There was now a large queue waiting at the Homerton-bound stop. RT3871 added to it, also turning at the Church before heading back for Piccadilly Circus. Green RT3238 took some of it, heading not for Homerton but for Ash Grove garage.

RT3871 on 22, Shoreditch Church RT3238 on 22, Shoreditch Church

It was lunch-time for me. I walked up the High Street, looking for somewhere suitable to eat. I found a brasserie, and lunch. Several RT types passed by outside.

Shoreditch Church to Ash Grove Garage: RTW467

I returned to the Shoreditch Church stop on the High Street. RTW467 arrived, heading for the garage, so I climbed aboard - inside - for the garage run, turning off the main route to head east to Ash Grove Station, then up Mare Street to the garage.

RTW467 on 22, Shoreditch Church RTW467 on 22, Ash Grove

I went into the garage yard again. Most of the buses not being used for the public service on the 22 were still there. In conversations I gathered that they were about to set off on a road-run to Brooklands. I accepted an invitation to ride with RT3254, at least part of the way.

Part 4: Ash Grove to Brooklands

All photos by Ian Smith. Click on any of them for a larger picture.

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