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The BEA Routemasters

Photographic References

A key to the references can be found in the Bibliography.
Buses are listed in registration order rather than RMA number.

RMA               RM_1 p128                interior, lower, (fwd)	

KGJ 601D          BPRM p51     1966 BEA    Heathrow, grey/black/white with trailer	
                  CB58 p08          BEA    towing trailer
          RMA 28  RM_2 p85     1979 LT  FW at Fulwell, BA blue/white
                  Bus403p472   8/88        preserved: on Transpennine Run, Harrogate
                  Bus412p316   4/89        at Cobham Museum	
                  Bus451 p27   1992        preserved, BEA: grey/black/white
                  Bus710 p62               at Showbus: rear o/s: blue/black/white		

KGJ 602D          LBM80 p48    2/92        on 724, Green Rover, rear view

KGJ 603D          RM_1 p129    1969 BEA    Gloucester Rd., orange/white

KGF 605D          RM_1 p06          BEA    blue/black/white, with trailer	

KGJ 606D          RM_2 p66          BA     London Airport, blue/white, Locomotors trailer, rear

KGJ 608D          LTBG p116    1984        Hounslow staff bus, rear

KGJ 610D          AIHLBp125   c1966 BEA    grey/white/black
                  RM_1 p126         BEA    blue/black/white, Gloucester Rd.

KGJ 611D  RMA 15  BPRM p65          LT     Sightseeing Tour, Victoria (Red, cream band)
                  LBM80 p02   12/91 LT     London Plus Sightseeing Tour, Tower Hill		

KGJ 612D          BPRM p37     1978 BA     blue/white, Heathrow
          RMA 37  Buses503p13  1996 Timebus on 72 to St Albans, Watford Junc, (red, white bands)		
                  RMH p43           Shaftesbury & District
                  LBM138 p07  10/07 Timebus on 140 to Yeading, Timebus Running Day

KGJ 614D          RM_2 p04     3/71 BEA     Gloucester Rd., orange/white	
          RMA 16  RMH p08           Clydeside, Mercury silver		

KGJ 617D          LT6395p18         BA      blue-grey/white, no logo		

KGJ 618D  RMA 18  LCtryB p104  1/79 LT SA   St Albans - Aldenham staff bus; red, white band

KGJ 622D  RMA 19  RM_2 p08          BEL     Chiswick staff bus: grey, red windows
KGJ 624D          RM_2 p66     8/73 BEA     London Airport, orange/white,  Locomotors trailer

KGJ 625D          RM_2 p67     1976 BA      London Airport, blue/white, Locomotors trailer

NMY 627E  RMA  3  BM3RM p92         LT      no front box, red, bullseye, trainer	

NMY 629E          RM_1 p127         BEA     Gloucester Rd., blue/black/white, rear	

NMY 630E  RMA 47  RM_2 p87     7/81 LT  CT  no stairs; red, white band, bullseye, trainer	

NMY 631E  RMA 48  LBiC60 p67   6/69 BEA     with trailer, leaving Heathrow for London
                  RM_2 p85     1979 LT  FW  at Fulwell LT, BA blue/white		

NMY 632E  RMS 49  RMH p33           BlT     Official London S.Tour, red/cream
                  LBM136 p36   5/93         on private hire

NMY 633E  RMA 20  Bus397p183   2/88         Magicbus, Glasgow 
1457SQ86          RMH p62      9/95         Lyon, red/white, promotions

NMY 634E  RMA 50  BYB92 p46         Stagecoach, Castlemilk

NMY 637E          LT6395p18         BEA     blue-grey/white		
                  BM3RMp42     1979 BA      Glos. Rd, blue/white
          RMA 52  Bus398p232   1988         Sandtoft Courtesy Bus
          RMA 52  RMH p47      9/94 Time Travel, Victoria Dock; red, cream band

NMY 638E  RMA  6  RMH p80      9/94 preserved, BEL grey, red doors/windows

NMY 639E          LBM100 p34  10/72 BEA    Heathrow; orange/white
          RMA  7  RM_2 p82     1978 LT  WW Aldenham-Leyton staff bus
                                           red, white band, bullseye, rear o/s, 	

NMY 640E  RMA  8  RM_2 p90          BEL    St Albans staff bus: BEL grey/red 	 	
                  RMH p23           St. E. London: 718 to North Weald; red, cream band
                  LBM132 p39  8/91  East London Coaches, on Romford Asda service
                  LBM159 p47  5/92  Stagecoach: 15B to Oxford Circus
                  LBH95 p64   4/95  Stagecoach: 15 to Paddington

NMY 641E          Buses497p36              at Classic Automotion

NMY 643E          LT6395p18         BEA    blue-grey/white		

NMY 644E          BM3RMp42          BEA    Glos. Rd. Air, orange/white with trailer	
                  RM_2 p04     3/71 BEA    Gloucester Rd., orange/white
          RMA 55  RM_2 p87     9/87 LT  AR stairless trainer; red, white band, bullseye 	

NMY 645E  RMA 22  LBM136 p42   3/93        London Plus, red/white	

NMY 646E  RMA  9  BM3RM p43    1975 LT  NS on 175 to Dagenham, orange/white, bullseye		
                  RM_2 p80     1/76 LT  NS on 175, North Romford & Dagenham, orange/white, bullseye
                  RM_2 p90          BEL    Chiswick staff bus, grey

NMY 647E  RMA 10  LT6395p18         BEA    orange/white

NMY 648E  RMA 11  Bus389p354   */87        Verwood Transport, Dorset

NMY 649E          Bus409p180  c2/88 in service with Verwood

NMY 650E  RMA 24  AIHLB p59    1979 LT  LS Luton-Aldenham staff bus
                                        BA blue/white+bullseye

NMY 651E  RMA 56  RM_2 p85     1979 LT  FW at Fulwell; BA blue/white	
                                           became Plumstead sports club bus	

NMY 652E  RMA 12  RM_2 p81    10/75 LT  NS on 175, North Romford & Dagenham
                                           orange/white, bullseye	

NMY 653E          LT6395p18         BEA    orange/white
          RMA 25  RM_2 p119    3/88 LT     Sightseeing Tour, front dest (RCL)

NMY 654E          LBM160 p56        BEA    blue/white/black, trailer

NMY 655E  RMA 58  RM_2 p85     1979 LT  FW at Fulwell LT, BA blue/white		
                  BPRM p68          Verwood, Bournemouth, front box
                  Bus409p180  c2/88 Verwood, in service with 	
                  Bus451 p30   1992 Bootle
                  LBM133 p10   4/05 Ensignbus, in service on 19
                  LBM139 p13  11/06 used on X80	
                  TLB614 p41   9/15 used on 657 during Brentford Festival

NMY 656E  RMA 13  RM_2 p81     1976 LT  NS on 175, North Romford & Dagenham
                                           red, white band, bullseye, slipboard & canopy box	

NMY 657E          BM3RM p41         BEA    Heathrow, grey / white, with trailer	
          RMA 59  RM_2 p85     1979 LT  FW at Fulwell LT, BA blue/white		
                               1994 BlT    O.L.Sightseeing Tour, red/white		
NMY 664E  RMA 64  RM_2 p85     1979 LT  FW at Fulwell LT, BA blue/white

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