RT191 at Greenhithe Station

X81: Ensignbus Running Day

Saturday 1st December 2012

Prepared by Ian Smith, 6th December 2012.

X81: Lakeside to Greenhithe: M1

I boarded M1 for the trip over the river. The windows very rapidly steamed up, making photography through them impossible. Nevertheless, we climbed up out of Lakeside, and soared up over the Thames, then wound our way along to Greenhithe Station. There I alighted.

M1 on X81, Lakeside M1 on X81, Greenhithe

X81: Greenhithe to Lakeside: RT4421

I had timed this right: I had to wait just four minutes before RT4421 turned the corner at the roundabout and climbed the station approach to Greenhithe. I joined for the ride back through the tunnel. Am I turning into an OAP spending all day travelling on buses to keep warm?

RT4421 on X81, Greenhithe RT4421 on X81, Greenhithe

Back at Lakeside the day was fading fast. RT4421 went off to Shenfield. Lancashire United Guy Arab 167, just arrived at Ensignbus, was pressed into service on the X55, taking over from RTW467 (which I missed photographing).

RT4421 on X81, Lakeside LU167 on X55, Lakeside

Arriva's red Trident 6621 departed for Romford on the 370. In the background Ensign's blue and silver Trident 194 had joined 192 and other resting Ensign buses, presumably waiting afor a late homeward rush.

6122 on 370, Lakeside 194, Lakeside

X81: Lakeside to Greenhithe: RT191

Now RT191 rolled up for the next southbound journey, and I hopped aboard. We climbed up towards the QE2 Bridge. Every head in the bus turned as a small green shape passed, heading for Lakeside: it was Leyland Cub C4, just back from restoration.

We climbed over the bridge. I noted that where one tanker had been unloading at the oil terminal, now there were two.

RT191 on X81, Lakeside tankers on the Thames

We were pursued up to Greenhithe Station by Arriva's Fastrack 3817, which went past at the station stop.

3817 on A, RT191 on X81, Greenhithe RT191 at Greenhithe Stn

RT191 left me there, and I waited for the return bus to Lakeside...

Part Six: Something Special

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