RT1705 at Potters Bar

Potters Bar Running Day

Sunday 20th May 2007

Prepared by Ian Smith, 13th June 2007.

Potters Bar: the Static Display

As part of the celebration of sixty years of postwar RTs this Running Day unusually had a static display element of RT family buses that were not out running in service.

RT4712 had been repainted gold by London's Transport Museum to mark the jubilee of the Queen's accession in 2002, and was used then in daily service on a number of London routes. At the end of the year the white cantrail band was repainted into Royal purple. It went onto special duties, and then back into store. This was the first time I had seen it since, and my first opportunity to photograph it.

RT4712 at Potters Bar. RT4712 at Potters Bar.

Another "new" RT for me was locally-preserved RT2688, in late livery with a dove-grey band.

RT2688 at Potters Bar. RT2688 at Potters Bar.

The eight-foot wide section of the RT family was represented by RTW29, here from its preservation home in Bristol.

Repatriated from Guernsey, and given back its LT fleetnumber was open-topper RT2494, now preserved in London.

RTW29 at Potters Bar. RTW29 at Potters Bar. RT2494 at Potters Bar.

Also back from Guersey was another Leyland, once RTL1004. Much rebuilt by Guerseybus, it has a forward entrance, central staircase, rebuilt rear with emergency exit and a redesigned front bulkhead to allow one-person operation. Since repatriation it has received a 1930s style livery.

RTL1004 at Potters Bar. RTL1004 at Potters Bar.

Much more the standard RT is RT2293, preserved not far away in Essex.

RT2293 at Potters Bar. RT2293 at Potters Bar.

An excellent example of the earlier roofbox RT was there in the shape of RT1705.

RT1705 at Potters Bar. RT1705 at Potters Bar.

Now it was time to grab a bite from the chuck-wagon, and head back onto Darkes Lane to see what was coming.. aah, an RF on the 242....

Part Six: 242 to Cuffley and South Mimms

Photos by Ian Smith. Click on any of them for a larger picture.

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