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The Universitybus Scania Single-deckers

OmniCity 351, 352

Universitybus ordered a pair of 11.9m Polish-built Scania OmniCitys for delivery in September 2006. They actually arrived in January 2007, for use on route 634 (Stevenage - Hemel Hempstead). They came in uno pink/mauve livery, with route 634 branding along the cantrail. Not that they were always on route 634. They appeared on some of the Green Line duties between Victoria and Hatfield / Baldock, as well as other uno routes, especially after the others arrived.

352 in St.Albans, Jan 2009

352 pulls away from the St.Peters Street stop in St.Albans, January 2009.

OmniLink 353, 354

They were followed in September 2007 by a pair of Scania OmniLinks (actually delivered at the end of August), superficially the same as the OmniCitys. Their engines were in-line vertical rather than transverse, giving less space at the rear, with a stepped floor towards the rear. The pair received unadorned uno pink and mauve. They went onto similar duties to the two OmniCitys.

353 in Stevenage Old Town, June 2013

353 works south through Stevenage, June 2013.

OmniCity 355, 356, 357

It was not until 2014 that another three OmniCitys arrived. Much older than the current OmniCitys, they had been new back in 2003 to Menzies Aviation at Heathrow, where they spent four years or so on airport duties, before replacement by newer OmniCitys. They returned to Dawson Rentals, and were hired out for a variety of operations. One at least was used on staff transport on the Olympics construction site at Stratford. But all three were acquired by Lewis' of Llanrhystud sometime in 2014 (I think). Universitybus received them on loan (from Dawsons?) in November 2014, then bought them in December. After a short while operating in silver livery they were given uno pink/mauve. They appeared fairly often on the C1 and C10 services to Bedford and Milton Keynes.

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