The Coach Olympians: LRC class

This page created 8th August 2002 by Ian Smith, updated 31st Augyst 2012.

Photographic References

For a key to the references see the bibliography.

LRC 1  A101 FPL  LBR88 p109 1988 NF on 720 to Gravesend, Buckingham Palace Rd., KB301 

LRC 2  A102 FPL  LCJG p123       NF on Green Line Tour
                 LC2 p119   5/84 NF on 720 to Gravesend, Parliament Sq. 
                 BusX31 p00      NF on 720 to London, A2
                 BusX31 p19      NF on 720 to London, M2

LRC 3  A103 FPL  LT6395p82       NF on 720 to Gravesend, Embankment. 

LRC 4  A104 FPL  LCJG p116  6/84 NF on 720 to London
                 LCBiC p52       NF on 035 London Crusader Sightseeing Tour, Strand. 

LRC 7  B107 LPH  LBM131 p32         at Crawley Works, de-roofed (2 views)          
       760 BUS   LBM134 p08 8/05    used on Gerrards Cross Rail Replacement, High Wycombe

LRC 8  334 EYL   LBM90 p43          with East Yorkshire

LRC 9  B109 LPH  LBR88 p95  5/88 GY on 721 to East Tilbury, Victoria

LRC 11 C211 UPD  LBR86 p93  7/86 HA on 711 to Old Harlow, Eccleston Bridge. 

LRC 12 C212 UPD  LT6395p87       HA on 711 to Harlow, Embankment. 
                 LBH2_89p21      HA on 711 to Harlow, Victoria. 

LRC 13 C213 UPD  LC2 p121   6/86 SA on 757 to Luton Airport, Hyde Pk Cnr. 

LRC 14 C214 UPD  LBM157p20  1/91 HA on 724 to Harlow, WGC

LRC 15 C215 UPD  LBM124p00  7/86 SA on 756 to Luton Airport, Buck.Pal.Rd
                 ECW p117        SA on 757 to Luton Airport

       B688 BPU  LBH93 p52  7/91    Metrobus: on Private Hire at WD
                 Metro p53  8/91 MB on Private Hire on M25        

4502   B690 BPU  LBM124p00  7/86    on 712 to Bps Stortford, Buck.Pal.Rd: E.National low
       B690 BPU  ECW p114           on 712 to Bps Stortford: E.National low

LC 1   C201 DYE  AIHLB p126 */86 B  at Eastbourne
                 LBH88 p78  */87    on Eastbourne Service

LC 2   C202 DYE  LBM124p66  5/86 WD Wandsworth Garage, London Coaches
                 LBM132p43       WD Wandsworth Garage, London Coaches
                 LBR86 p59  9/86 WD on Eastbourne Service, Bromley
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