Woottens Olympians

This page created 16th January 2011 by Ian Smith

Bus histories

These histories are far from complete. They are being assembled as I gather information from a variety of sources (that don't always agree with each other).

Particularly useful have been:

LRC 7  B107 LPH          Leyland Olympian, TL11 engine, ECW CH45/24F
                 2/85 RG new to store at Reigate
                 2/85 SA change store (St.Albans)
                 3/85 SA into service on 757: Luton Flightline
                 4/85 CW decapitated in Luton, to Crawley Works for rebuild
                 8/85 SA return
                 9/86 SA allocated to London Country North-East
                 1/87 GY transfer for 721-4 (Grays)
                12/87 GY
                 6/88 GY
                 7/88 GY withdrawn into store
                 8/88    bought by East Yorkshire Motor Services, #543
       B111 WAT  4/95    reregistered
       B782 FOG  1/97    reregistered, withdrawn
                 1/97    bought by Northern Bus, Anston
                 4/98    withdrawn
                 4/98    bought by Stephensons, Rochford
                 7/98    bought by Jacksons, Chelmsford
                11/02    withdrawn
                 2/03    bought by Woottens, Chesham: into store
                 3/03    refurbished, repainted white: "Mega-decker" in red
                 4/03    relicensed
       760 BUS   4/04    reregistered
                 8/05    used on Gerrards Cross Rail Replacement
       B782 FOG          reregistered
                         promo bus: painted black
              by 9/07    promo bus : First Direct
                 4/10    promo bus: ACDC Lighting

214   BBW 214Y 10/82    Leyland Olympian ONLXB/1R ON352, ECW 25151, H47/28D 
                1/83    new to City of Oxford #214
                3/03    bought by Woottons Coaches, Chesham: white
               10/04    Woottens: white
                5/10    preserved: Oxford Bus Museum: Woottens
                9/10    preserved: Oxford Bus Museum: Woottens

227   E227 CFC  5/88    Leyland Olympian ONLXB/1RH ON10751, Alexander RL37/4287/2, H47/26D
                5/88    new to City of Oxford #227
                        Colorbus ad for BucksCC Travelwise
 5827          12/00 WB bought by Arriva The Shires (Wycombe Bus Stn)
               10/01 WB repainted
                3/02 WB
                8/02 WB
                7/03 WE transfer (Ware)
                8/03    sold to Ensign Bus (Purfleet) 
 W31            8/03    bought by Woottons Coaches, Chesham, H47/30F
                9/03    at Showbus, Duxford: white, signwritten dark blue
                9/09    at Showbus, Duxford
                4/10    normally on 106, 321, T3: unusual on T2 

222  CUD 222Y   1/83    Leyland Olympian ONLXB/1R ON449, Eastern Coachworks 25159, H47/28D
                1/83    new to City of Oxford #222
               11/00    bought by Wilts & Dorset Bus Company, #222
                        conveerted to single doorway: H47/32F
                        bought by Ford's, Althorne, Essex
 W64            4/10    bought by Woottons Coaches, Chesham
                5/10    into service on T2

235   G235 VWL  4/90    Leyland Olympian ON2R50G16Z4, Alexander RL56/2289/6, H47/26D
                4/90    new to City of Oxford #235
                        converted to single doorway: H47/29F
 5835          12/00 WB bought by Arriva The Shires (Wycombe Bus Stn) 
                2/02 WB repainted in turquoise/cream
                3/02 WB
                8/02 WB
                8/03 LD transfer (Luton-Dunstable)
               11/11    bought by Woottens, Chesham

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