ex-Alder Valley Leyland Olympians

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Alder Valley Olympian

Alder Valley was another London fringe company to take Leyland Olympians, buying ten at the end of 1988 for its Cranleigh and Guildford area services. Bodywork was of the Alexander RL 13ft 8in high style, and they were liveried in greens with an Alder Valley fleetname.

This area's services were taken over by London & Country in December 1990. London & Country at first continued to use them for the Cranleigh services. But 1991 saw some of them moved to Leatherhead to assist with tendered route 293 (Morden Stn-Epsom Hospital). Livery changed to London & Country green/green/red.

Six of the ten were transferred to Southend Transport in 1996, while 901, 907, 908 and 910 remained with Arriva West Sussex. They were allocated mainly to Horsham (Warnham Station) and Guildford through Arriva's troubled times in West Sussex and Surrey.
910 was subsequently transferred to Arriva Kent & Sussex in April 1999.

ex-Alder Valley Olympian The Southend examples, as part of Arriva Southern Counties, were occasionally loaned to Grays for use on the 383.

907 and 908 left Horsham in September 2004 to join those in Southend. 909 at Cobham 1999.

909, now in Southend's Arriva livery, at Cobham Open Day in April 1999.

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