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Metrobuses as Trainers

Trainers were not governed by the 80% red rule, so some sported overall advertisements or other eye-catching devices for their London training excursions.

M282 in Trafalgar Square, December 1998 London General M1389 on Chelsea Embankment

Left: M282 enters the hurly-burly around Trafalgar Square in December 1998, its outlandish advertising scheme giving no clue that this is a trainer for Arriva London North.

Right: More restrained is M1389 for London General, seen on the Chelsea Embankment. This bus has since been repainted in red/blue trainer livery, as below.

Centrewest trainer Several companies have dedicated training buses in distinctive livery, prefering to advertise their own need for drivers rather than commercial ads.

Centrewest has a bold red and yellow scheme. It is not unknown for these buses to be used in service!
London General trainer London General has also opted for the bold approach, with a cheap red and cheap blue scheme redolent of the Go-Ahead group's North-East connections.

Arriva London has gone for a more conservative overall white with grey skirt. Perhaps someone unconsciously associated training with school uniform?

M1000 at Showbus 2005 M1000 at Showbus 2005

Arriva training school livery (white top, grey skirt) on M1000 at Showbus, Duxford, October 2005..

London United adopted a variation of its excellent standard livery: onto the red base with pale grey top, dark grey skirt and white lining it has superimposed large segments in orange or yellow.

M722 at Cobham M722 at Cobham

London United's M722 shows the training livery as it squeezes through the heavy bus traffic outside Cobham Bus Museum in April 2002.

Thames Valley Training

TVT has some Metrobuses, repainted by Blackpool Transport in green and cream (yes, Blackpool Transport colours), for its driver training activities.


Several Metrobuses have gone into preservation, including:
M6, Cobham
M14, P.West, Barnet
M59, M.Ricketts, Andover
M67, Burns & Carter, Worcester
M278, Hendon
M394, Mr.Brown
M789, R.Cade, London
M1001, D.Colin, Chesterfield
M1443, SELNEC Preservation Group

M67 at Cobham 2002 M789 at Showbus 2005

M67 made an appearance at Cobham Bus Museum's Open Day in April 2002. M789 went to Showbus 2005 at Duxford.
M14 at Cobham 2003 M14 at Cobham 2003 M789 at Cobham 2003
M14 and M394 looked very smart at Cobham Open Day in 2003.

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