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Photo references

A key to references can be found in the bibliography

MD 3    KJD 203P LCityB p66   1978    on 36B, Victoria Bus, rear view
                 LBM132 p21   4/78 PM on 12 to Peckham
                 LBM133 p41           with County Travel, Leicester	

MD 11   KJD 211P LBP&P p52            on 36B to Peckham, Marble Arch

MD 14   KJD 214P LTB82 p54   c1981 AM on 192 to Plumstead, Woolwich

MD 16   KJD 216P AIHLB p82   11/87    with G&G Coaches, Leamington Spa

MD 19   KJD 219P LB&TA p45    1976 PM on 36B to Marble Arch, Marble Arch

MD 26   KJD 226P LBM164 p33   6/80 AM on Derby Day special

MD 33   KJD 233P CB66 p29          AM on 161 to Plumstead Garage, Chislehurst, snow

MD 38   KJD 238P RLB p103     1976 PM on 36 to Hither Green Stn, New Cross

MD 41   KJD 241P B&CP3_6p43  c2000    with Alec Head, Lutton

MD 44   KJD 244P LCityB p19           on 63 to Honor Oak, Holborn

MD 45   KJD 245P BYB92 p66            on 36B to West Kilburn

MD 46   KJD 246P LBM39 p8     1981 AW at Abbey Wood garage

MD 60   KJD 260P TLB602 p42   9/14 PT at Showbus, Duxford
                 TLB605 p41  12/14 PT on X81 to Shenfield Station
                 TLB614 p41   9/15    on 36 to Camberwell Green, Q Open Day

MD 64   KJD 264P LBiC70 p19   1979 PM on 36B to West Kilburn, Marble Arch

MD 65   KJD 265P HeyLB3 p61   1980    on 63 to Kings Cross, Kings Cross

MD 66   KJD 266P CBY95 p36    1981    on 63 to Kings Cross, Imp War Mus

MD 68   KJD 268P MBiCL p36            on 36B to West Kilburn

MD 71   KJD 271P B&CP3_6p43  c1999    with Whippet 
                 B&CP3_6p43   6/00    with Imperial, North Weald Rally

MD 75   KJD 275P LBM32 p2          PM on 36A to Brockley Rise

MD 85   OUC 85R  ABC80 p67         PM on 12 to Peckham, Willesden Junction

MD 87   OUC 87R  LBM32 p2     2/80 PD on 122 to Bexleyheath Garage, Woolwich

MD 100  OUC 100R LBM100 p61   8/82 AM on 291 to Lewisham

MD 101  OUC 101R AIHLB p82    1979    on 63 to Honor Oak, Kings Cross

MD 117  OUC 117R LCityB p36   1977 NX on 53 to Plumstead Common, Traf Sq

MD 121  OUC 121R LBiC70 p06   1979 NX on 53 to Camden Town, Woolwich

MD 121  OUC 121R BritMBp108        NX on 53 to Camden Town, Whitehall

MD 126  OUC 126R MBiCL p53    5/77    on 53 to Camden Town

MD 127  OUC 127R LTB84 p46    8/83    at Aldenham: white/red experimental livery
                 LBM133 p41   3/85    with Leicester City Bus

MD 129  OUC 129R LBM39 p9     1981 PD on 161 to Abbey Wood

MD 131  OUC 131R LTB82 p55   c1981 AM on 180 to Woolwich

MD 136  OUC 136R LBM24 p33    5/77 NX on peak 141 to Newington Green
                 LTB82 p55    9/80 PD detail: Selkent Ambassador

MD 138  OUC 138R LCityB p34   1977 NX on 53 to Camden Town, Traf Sq

MD 154  OUC 154R LT6395 p52        NX on 53 to New Cross Garage, Woolwich

MD               LT6395 p58   1978 NX on 36B to West Kilburn, Catford

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