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MAN buses in the London area

MAN produced its low-floor, low-entry bus chassis in a variety of lengths. It was bodied, as far as we are concerned, by MCV, with the Stirling and then the eVolution, by Plaxton with the AD Enviro200, and by East Lancs with the Esteem.

Countryliner acquired four new eVolution-bodied MANs in 2006, with another two following in 2007. They acquired three Esteems from Roadrunner in 2012, which then were with Sunray Travel briefly when Countryliner expired.

Metroline was the biggest customer. They had experience of MAN buses before, with the step-entrance MAN Marshalls, so it was perhaps no surprise when they took two batches of the low-floor eVolution version in 2007. Although thirsty and difficult to maintain they were speedy buses. Sullivan Buses of South Mimms took six from Metroline in 2015.

Flights Hallmark, trading as Surrey Connect took a few for Surrey contract services, which went on to hotel work at Gatwick or elsewhere. These mainly ended up with TGM Group, which sold them to Arriva the Shires for bus work in 2013. Most became trainers in 2018.

Excel took some for its Stansted Airport - Bishops Stortford service. Three of these were transferred by TGM to Arriva the Shires.

Metrobus began ordering MANs for 2007, five Esteem-bodied for route R2. They needed a small batch of three in 2008 for Tramlink T32. These came, eventually, with Enviro200 bodies. February 2009 saw the arrival of a sizeable batch of sixteen with eVolution bodies for the 202.

Carousel had a couple of the older MANs with Stirling bodies (that followed on from the Marshall Capital), and in January 2010 bought two eVolutions, followed by five MANs with ADL Enviro200 bodies in the autumn.

Roadrunner of Harlow had several Esteem bodied MANs amongst its eclectic mix of types.

Regal Buses of Chelmsford had two bodied with Wright Eclipse Meridian, and one bodied with the AD Enviro 200.

Centrebus had three, all with different bodies: MCV Stirling, MCV eVolution and AD Centro. Only the last stayed very long.

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