T792 at Swan Bottom

Chesham Broadway Micro Running Day

Sunday 2nd August 2015

Prepared by Ian Smith, 13th August 2015.

394: Chesham Broadway to Great Missenden Station: RF679

RF679 on 394 at Chesham Broadway RF679 on 394 at Chesham Broadway

Once more we climbed out of Chesham up onto Chartridge, and headed towards Swan Bottom Crossroads. Somewhere we passed T792, but I managed not to notice! We turned left at the crossroads, and negotiated the narrow lane down to The Lee, where we paused beside the attractive green.

RF679 on 394 at Chesham Broadway RF679 on 394 at Chesham Broadway

Across the green was the attractive-looking Cock & Rabbit. But we did not repair there, but continued our journey.

Cock & Rabbit, The Lee

Once more we found Oxford Street and worked our way along to Ballinger Road. This time we turned south. Soon the lane descended steeply into a valley - Ballinger Bottom. At the bottom was a double bend, to catch out the unwary. We took it sedately, but then had to crawl up the other side of the valley to Ballinger Common. A right turn took us along to South Heath, where we turned left along King's Lane to the B485 at a deserted pub. We turned right to descend Frith Hill towards Great Missenden. We joined the main valley road (Amersham - Aylesbury, A413) at a roundabout, but quickly turned off to negotiate a way to the station.

394: Great Missenden Station to Chesham Broadway: RF679

We met a Chiltern Railways train at Great Missenden Station, then set off back to Chesham. We negotiated the set of three roundabouts to get us out of Great Missenden, and climbed Frith Hill to the deserted pu, where we turned aside to Ballinger. We passed through Ballinger Common, and dived down into Ballinger Bottom. RF679 on 394 at Great Missenden Station Ballinger Bottom

We climbed up to Lee Common, and turned left along Oxford Street to reach The Lee.

There we met T792 again. Although we were facing opposite ways we were both heading for Chesham Broadway.

T792 on 394D at The Lee

Setting off again required care: although the road was wide enough, the apple tree and some of the garden hedges overhanged quite considerably. Both buses headed off to meet again at Chesham Broadway.

RF679 on 394, T792 on 394D at The Lee T792 on 394D at The Lee

Lunchtime at Chesham Broadway

Back at Chesham it was arranged that the Dart would make a return trip to Tring. It should just be possible in the time before the T and the RF were to start their afternoon trips. The Dart loaded up and, well, darted off.

M513VJO on 349 at Chesham Broadway

Another Dart SLF arrived. It was 50519 from Red Rose again. It twirled in, then twizzled round to park on the other side of The Broadway for a short while. Then it twirled again, to load up and head for Amersham.

50519b on 353 at Chesham Broadway 50519b on 353 at Chesham Broadway

Whilst this was happening Carousel's Solo 710 arrived on a 1 to Chesham Grammar School. It came, danced round, and went. A little while later it returned, twirled and set off for High Wycombe.

Car710 on 1 at Chesham Broadway Car710 on 1 at Chesham Broadway

Cafes beside the Broadway provided useful places for a variety of lunches. Lunch was had. The Autocar Dart arrived back from Tring, and the two green LT buses fired up for the afternoon shift.

Part Seven: T time

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