T792 at Swan Bottom

Chesham Broadway Micro Running Day

Sunday 2nd August 2015

Prepared by Ian Smith, 12th August 2015.

394D: Chesham Broadway to Kings Ash: RF679

The Metropolitan Line delivered me to Chesham from Baker Street on Sunday morning. A small band of enthusiasts walked down to Chesham Broadway, where we found RF679, plus Carousel's Solo 712 ready for route 1 to High Wycombe.

Solo 712 and RF679 at Chesham Broadway Solo 712 on 1 at Chesham Broadway

RF679 was set up for the 394D to Kings Ash, a terminus that had not been visited for 57 years! The family that owned the driveway that we would use to reverse had come down to ride on the bus. The other bus on the 394/394D set of routes was T792, which arrive and sat on the other side of the Broadway. There was no sign of the two GS buses for the 348 set of routes, nor the Routemaster that was substituting for RT3148. It seemed that our mini running day was turning into a micro one. (It turned out that the RM was stuck on a Thames bridge in London, not allowed by the Police to continue or reverse, courtesy of the bicycle event that clogged up the Capital for the day. One of the GSs had broken down on the way, and we knew not what happened with the other.)

RF679 at Chesham Broadway T792 at Chesham Broadway

Then came a surprise. Ex-Autocar Dart Marshall M513VJO turned up. This bus had started as Oxford 513, but had latterly been with Autocar. It even operated into the old London Country area on the 210 from Tonbridge to Ide Hill and Brasted. Now it is in preservation, wearing Autocar livery.

M513VJO at Chesham Broadway T792, RF679 at Chesham Broadway

RF679 set off for the journey to Kings Ash. From The Broadway we headed across the roundabout and up the long hill towards Chartridge. Once up the long steep grind we motored along the ridge, then made a photo-stop in Chartridge.

Another followed a little further on, at Cherry Tree Farm, where we paused by an extant LT bus stop. This had survived in situ because it is mounted on a telegraph pole. BT had requested that such flags be left in place, rather than substituted by a simple sheet metal modern sign, for the sake of engineers who work up such poles. Much nicer to land on if you slip! But unusually this request stop has not been painted over nor covered in a vinyl sign.

RF679 at Chartridge RF679 at LT stop

We continued on, then turned left down Ballinger Lane towards Lee Common. Narrow. We reached the village and turned right into Oxford Street. We pottered along the village street, and turned left at the end, where Lee Clump Road took us down to The Lee. The Lee is pretty. This time we were just passing through, enjoying the flowers! We paused by the apple tree on the green for a moment. Then we were back into the greenery, winding a way towards Swan Bottom Crossroads, where we turned left towards Kings Ash.

flowers at The Lee cyclists near Swan Bottom

We passed a scatter of houses and cottages along Chesham Lane. Then the houses came more rarely, and the lane narrowed. Then we were there. The terminus at Kings Ash was just a driveway between two houses. Turning the 30-foot RF was not easy. How they managed in the dark, in the final OMO days of the terminus, I know not. Anyway, we made the turn, and stood a little while in the end of the driveway for the blinds to be changed.

Chesham Lane RF679 on 394D at Kings Ash

394D: Kings Ash to Chesham Broadway: RF679

We set off back the way we had come: along Chesham Lane to Swan Bottom crossroads, then right, down to The Lee, then on to Oxford Street. There, at The Bugle we met T792, also on the 394D, but heading for the alternative terminus at the pub at Swan Bottom. The two buses paused for photos.

T792 on 394D at Oxford Street>
<A HREF=T792, RF679 on 394D at Oxford Street

RF679, T792 on 394D at Oxford Street

The two buses then went their opposite ways: T792 to Swan Bottom, and RF679 back via Balinger Lane to Chartridge and Chesham Broadway.

There we were met by Red Rose Dart SLF 50519 on the 353. This Alexander-bodied SLF had originated in London with Connex, then passed on to Travel London and Abellio before moving out to Aylesbury in March 2012.

RF679 on 394D at Chesham Broadway Y215HWF on 353 at Chesham Broadway

We had a quick turn-round, before setting off again, this time to Great Missenden Station...

Part Six: to Great Missenden and back

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