RLH48 off 353 at Amersham


Sunday October 5th 2008

Prepared by Ian Smith, 31st October 2008.

305 to Beaconsfield (RF457)

While I waited for 3.15 I had another quick look round. Red RF486 set off for Beaconsfield on the 398 route via Coleshill, while RF281 stood parked with blinds ready for the 724 to High Wycombe at 3.20.

RF486 at Amersham. RF281 at Amersham.

In the bus park RT3254 stood with a ladder up beside the cab: a trafficator bulb had blown, and the whole unit had been detached to fit a replacement. Anyone got a 24volt bulb?

Aldershot & District Reliance 543 was busy onj the 362. It had been out to High Wycombe and back , and was now loading for another round trip.

RF489 pulled out of the bus park for a trip to Cholesbury on the 397.

RT3254 at Amersham. Aldershot 543 on 362 at Amersham. RF489 on 397 at Amersham.

Then it was 3.15pm, and RF457 pulled up to the stop to load for the 305 to Beaconsfield. We headed down the hill, under the railway, then south-east down the main valley road to Chalfont St.Giles, where we turned right down the hill to the village centre. We passed through, and climbed over the ridge to Butlers Cross. There we turned right to go through Seer Green before turning sharply to the west through a series of woodlands to reach the road from Amersham. This took us south into Beaconsfield. There we stopped to change the blinds, for the day's only journey to Wooburn Common on the 455B.

RF457 on 305 at Amersham. RF457 on 455B at Beaconsfield.

455B: Wooburn Common and Beaconsfield (RF457)

We turned west along the A40, following it along the wooded southern rim of the Beaconsfield sprawl, and watched for the left turn for Wooburn Common. We found it, and headed up a country lane, a far cry from the busy A40.

Beaconsfield. Wooburn Common.

We also found the turn to take us past the Royal Standard - the terminal point for the route - and went on round the anticlockwise triangular turning route across the common. Two miles later we were back at the pub, for a very brief photo-stop.

The return to Beaconsfield was uneventful. Even the right turn onto the A40 went with no delay at all, and we were soon back in the village centre, changing the blinds for the 305 back to Amersham.

RF457 on 455B at Wooburn Common. RF457 on 305 at Beaconsfield.

305 to Amersham Stn (RF457)

RF457 on 305 at Beaconsfield. RF457 on 305 at Beaconsfield.

By now I was getting sleepy, and I frankly don't remember very much about the return journey to Amersham through Seer Green and Chalfont St.Giles. I suppose it is a tribute to the comfort of even a bus RF, and the gentle rumble of the engine, that one can doze off on them. They are certainly a far different beast from those with First Group individual hard seats and Volvo screaming engines. Anyway, rant over. We were back at Amersham Station without incident, and I began to think about the journey home...

Part Five: Finale

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