RLH48 off 353 at Amersham


Sunday October 5th 2008

Prepared by Ian Smith, 20th October 2008.

336 to Rickmansworth, and back

While I was waiting for RLH48 to come back from its lunch break RT3871 purred up, coming to load up for a 353 trip. It was quickly followed by RLH48, which didn't pull in where it had stopped before, but continued up to the stop. As it passed I asked Mike Sheppy to keep me a seat. I walked along to the stop and found that indeed he had - behind the bonnet! RT3871 pulled away ahead of us, and I settled down to enjoy the trip.

RT3871 on 353 at Amersham. RLH48 on 336 at Amersham. RT3871 on 353 at Amersham.

We turned right from the station pproach, and went round through Amersham-on-the-Hill, then ducked under the 14ft3in bridge that requires the use of lowbridge or single-deck buses on the 336.

RT3871 on 353 at Amersham. Amersham low bridge.

We trundled along into Little Chalfont, past the Metropolitan station there, and back under the line. A little further to the east we pulled off the main road into the narrow village street of Chenies, where we pulled up at the little wooden bus shelter to take some pictures.

RLH48 at Chenies. RLH48 at Chenies.

Pictures taken, we took our seats again, and we made our way out onto the main road again, to head for Rickmansworth. There we had to work out how the station bus layby worked: it is on the offside! After a passage round the block we squeezed in through the entrance to pull up beside the railway lines.

RLH48 at Chenies. RLH48 at Rickmansworth.

We were not there long. Soon we headed back out to the roundabout (once the layby traffic lights allowed us to leave), and headed back along the Amersham road in the rain. We passed the lane leading to Chorleywood, and soon pulled in to the narrow, single-track, lane to Chenies.

Chorleywood. Into Chenies.

It was raining too hard to get out for more pictures. We went on towards Little Chalfont and Amersham, soon running round the loop to arrive back at the bus-park, where I said farewell to RLH48 for the day.

RLH48 at Amersham. RLH48 at Amersham.

However, in the park I found RLH32, in Ledgard livery, set up for the 359 trip to Aylesbury.

RLH32 at Amersham. RLH32 at Amersham.

I consulted the programme to see what I could fit in during the time remaining. A trip to High Wycombe by Green Line? Perhaps. My eye fell on a 305 trip to Beaconsfield that would continue on as a 455B to Wooburn Common. That looked promising...

Part Four: Beaconsfield and Wooburn Common

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