Chesham Broadway Running Day

Sunday 24th October 2003

Prepared by Ian Smith, 8th November 2003

Part 2: 348: Chesham Broadway to Buckland Common, and back (GS2)

The first 348A run, up the hill to Pond Park Estate was cancelled, due to reports on the speed bumps and parked car situation. So Peter Aves in GS2 went out on a 348 to Buckland Common instead, and I went along too. It was quickly down the gears as the little bus climbed out of Chesham. The autumn trees were soon in evidence too as we climbed the hill and passed by the estates up there. We were quickly into glorious Chiltern countryside, and I looked out for photo locations on our way up to Buckland Common. There we turned sharply off the St.Leonards road onto the road to Cholesbury, then immediately turned sharp left onto the back lane to St.Leonards. Another right (the back lane to Cholesbury via Parrott's Farm) and a wiggle into a dead end took us to the terminus.

GS2 at Buckland Common GS2 at Buckland Common

We all alighted and Peter reversed the bus onto the Parrott's Farm Lane. We had the statutory five-minute layover. Peter changed the blinds to the Chesham Moor setting - the normal other end of the route, beyond the Broadway. Much interest was shown in the Victorian wall post-box in the wall, and in the collection of enamel adverts on the wooden farm wall.

We set off again. We met more horses along the way. They, with their mainly young female riders, were another frequently encountered feature of the day. We also paused at one of the places I had noticed on the way up, with a background of autumn colour.

horses near Buckland Common GS2 near Bellingdon

We continued into Bellingdon, one of the short-working points, and paused outside the Bull for lots of photos. A couple of passengers alighted, in order to catch the expected RF up to St.Leonards, the alternative 348 terminus. We met it a little way down the road, on a bend beside atall hedge. It was a tight squeeze to get the RF past.

GS2 at the Bull, Bellingdon RF633 squeezes past

Then we were off again, down the green tunnel to the outskirts of Chesham, down the hill and round the traffic system to squeeze into the Broadway, where GS34 was just setting off on the next 348 run.

green tunnel GS2 re-enters the Broadway

The buses began to gather in the Broadway again, back from their first runs out. I bought a coffee and sat in the sunshine in the square watching their comiings and goings. This was civilised bus-watching!

GS13 and GS17 parked on the east side, while GS62 occupied the centre. GS1 came back from a trip to Ley Hill on the 316, and pulled right round to the west side.

GS13, 17 and 62 on the Broadway GS1 circles the Broadway

Buses passed through and left, several for the carpark. RF457 came through and headed for Amersham Station again. RF633 came back in from St.Leonards, with GS32 coming in behind.

GS13 circles the Broadway GS17, RF633, GS32, RF457 at the Broadway GS32 at the Broadway

Part 3: 397: Chesham Broadway to Cholesbury, 348 back (GS62)

All photos by Ian Smith. Click on any of them for a larger picture.

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