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VN: London Buses livery Most of the large saloons taken by London Buses in spring 1993 were Lances, with a variety of bodywork suppliers, including Northern Counties with their Paldin offering. But this batch, VN1-13, were powered by Volvo instead, with the similar Paladin bodywork, slightly amended for the B10B-58 chassis, in particular rather higher.

They all went into service with the London General unit of London Buses on the 88 (Oxford Circus - Clapham Common), branded prominently as "The Clapham Omnibus". Operation was from Stockwell. They did not have a rapturous welcome: uncomfortable bucket seats instead of deep-cushioned seats were not welcomed.

In April 1997 they were sold en masse to Oxford Company, replaced by older Metrobuses. Oxford tried to improve their image by replacing KLL registrations by BUD. VN1-3 (Oxford 961-963) were withdrawn when just ten years old, the doyenne going to be a Youth Project, and VN2,3 becoming trainers. Spring 2006 saw most of the rest bought by Solent Blue Line at Eastleigh.

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