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London Country LS10-24

London Country LS London Country already had some Dennis Lances. They had bought four LOW-FLOOR Lance SLFs with Wright Pathfinder bodywork in 1995, for use on the 408 (517-520, later LSL5-8), followed by a fifth at the end of 1995 (LSL9). Perhaps still evaluating the worth of the low-floor version, they returned to conventional chassis in February 1996 for fifteen buses for Crawley local services. LS10-24 had chunky looking East Lancs B47F bodywork in the EL2000 style, but with a Desperate Dan chin more reminiscent of the Greenways. They were finished in London & Country green/green/red livery. They worked initially on C4 and C5 (Ifield West - Crawley).

Arriva London South DL10-19

DL14 on 289
DL14 roars into West Croydon Bus Station in November 2000 on a 289 to Purley

LS10-19 were transferred to Arriva London South at the end of October 1999, when Arriva's Croydon & North Surrey section was torn away from the old country area and became part of red territory. They were renumbered DL10-19, and were put to work on the 289 (Elmers End - Croydon - Purley). Red repaints followed. They worked the 289 for just over a year, and were then replaced by low-floor buses. The Lances went north to Arriva Merseyside in January 2001.

London & Country LS20-24, 3020-3024

Arriva LS The remnant stayed at Crawley initially, and received Arriva turquoise and champagne livery in early 2000. LS20-22 received route branding for the 73 (Crawley-Brighton). But Arriva pulled out of Crawley in March 2001, and the five Lances were split between Horsham and Cranleigh garages (and thus between the remnant Arriva West Sussex and Arriva Guildford & West Surrey). LS22, LS20 and LS21 (3021) migrated to Arriva Kent & Sussex at Tunbridge Wells in October 2001, June 2004 and April 2006 respectively, becoming 3022, 3020 and 3021 in the Arriva Southern Counties renumbering.

The Surrey examples congregated at Guildford, finding employment on the Dorking services. The latter were renumbered as 3023 and 3024 in April 2005.

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