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London & Country Lynxes


London & Country Lynx London & Country bought six Lynxes in December 1989 for use primarily on tendered route 289 (Elmers End - Croydon Airport). They were delivered in the excellent grre/green/red livery, ans worked initially from Godstone Garage, until transferring to the much more convenient site at Beddington Farm in August 1990.

They were transferred to Londonlinks in January 1995, then back to London & Country when Londonlinks split up in January 1998. Arriva by that stage was in multiple sequential reorganisation mode, as it tried to make London & Surrey tendering match up with shareholder expectations, unsuccessfully. The Croydon operations became part of Arriva Croydon & North Surrey.

These Lynxes departed for North Wales (Arriva Cymru) in August 1998. Most of them (if not all) were subsequently sold to Stotts of Oldham.


Londonlinks also acquired two of the ex-Merthyr Tydfil Lynxes. 399 and 400 came from Maidstone & District in August 1996, having previously been with Grey-Green. They joined the others on the 289, and acquired the green/green/red livery. Presumably they devolved to London & Country when Londonlinks was disbanded, and were withdrawn in September 1998. 399 went off for a brief sojourn with Arriva Kent & Sussex, before going on to Skylark PSV, while 400 went to spend a short while with Arriva East Herts & Essex (3337).

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