GS42 at Leatherhead

Leatherhead Running Day

Sunday 5th September 2010

Prepared by Ian Smith, 20th September 2010.

418: Leatherhead to Bookham Station (RT3148)

Back at Leatherhead I consulted my programme to see what was still going out. The one thing that stood out for me was the 418 trip to Bookham Station, presumably on RT3148. I had a little while to wait, so looked round the bus park.

RF489 was just leaving with a good load, and MB90 was loading up for a short trip to Fetcham. I was still uncertain whether to catch it through to Staines as my homeward trip, so did not join it now.

RF489, Leatherhead MB90 on 462, Leatherhead

GS62 was nipping out for a private trip, and RF354 came in from a trip on the 462.

GS62 on 422, Leatherhead RF354 on 462, Leatherhead

SNB449 was heading west on the 408 to Effingham - the late afternoon trip I did last year - and RML900 was on the 418 - but the wrong way. GS42 was going home.

SNB449 on 408, Leatherhead RML900 on 418, Leatherhead GS42 departs

RF28 came round on a 712 trip between Dorking and Epsom, and RF315 loaded up for a foray on the 462.

RF28 on 712, Leatherhead RF315 on 462, Leatherhead

Suddenly RT3148 was on the stop for the 418 trip to Bookham Station. The blinds were stuck on the 408 settings, unfortunately, except for the small blind under the canopy. I climbed aboard and we set off, up the lttle hill, and down into Leatherhead. We stopped at the first bus stop for some photos.

Then we continued down through the town, over the Mole and under the railway to pass the site of Leatherhead Garage. We turned right into Fetcham, where we forked left to toil up through pleasant suburbia to Great Bookham.

RT3148 on 418, Leatherhead Fetcham

In Great Bookham we continued straight ahead past the church, turning right at the next crossroads to run down through Little Bookham to Bookham Station. There we turned in to the station yard, and stopped for photos.

Great Bookham RT3148 on 418, Bookham Station

The return journey completed the loop up through Great Bookham to the church, then left towards Fetcham.

RT3148 on 418, Bookham Station RT3148 in Great Bookham

We passed Leatherhead Garage, and passed under the railway and up through the town, before descending again to loop round under the railway again to reach the Randalls Road terminus. We reached it just before BL49, which returned from a further foray to Hook.

RT3148 at LH BL49 returns

I had time for another cup of tea before catching a bus. But which one should I catch?...

Part Six: Homeward bound

Photos by Ian Smith. Click on any of them for a larger picture.

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