GS42 at Leatherhead

Leatherhead Running Day

Sunday 5th September 2010

Prepared by Ian Smith, 12th September 2010.


Southern Railway took me to Leatherhead from London Bridge: 455815 rattled me out to West Croydon, where a quick sprint over the bridge got me onto the advertised connection just as the station-man was waving his baton. 377124 was a little more civilised for the rumble out through Surrey to Leatherhead.

455815 at London Bridge 377124 at Leatherhead

I walked out of the east entrance to Leatherhead station to see a red RML. RML900 was here from The London Bus Company, standing in for RMC4. I crossed the road behind SNB449 and walked in to the Randall's Road carpark to see what had arrived. The SNB turned in and came past me to park.

RML900 at Leatherhead SNB449 at Leatherhead

Merlin MB90 was there, having arrived in service along the 462 from Staines. Standing next to it was modernised Green Line RF28, wearing roofboards for the 712.

MB90 at Leatherhead RF28 at Leatherhead

I was quite surprised to see RT3148 there, as it was due to be in maintenance/overhaul now, but it transpired it was standing in for RT604, which had been unable to get a MOT appointment in time. GS62 was there too, ready for the Box Hill service. Event organiser Peter Aves was in conversation with Laurie Akehurst in front of RF633.

RT3148, GS62 at Leatherhead RF633 at Leatherhead

AEC Reliance coach P3 (aka 203) arrived, and cruised past to the west end of the event area.

Red RF489 arrived and tucked in next to the RT. I went to get some breakfast.

P3 at Leatherhead RF489 at Leatherhead

Leyland National SNB340 arrived carrying passengers. It had come in service all the way from East Grinstead, first as a 424 to Reigate, and then as a 406 to Epsom.

SNB340 at Leatherhead XF3 at Leatherhead

XF3 pulled round onto the stop, to start work on the 408 to Epsom, and programme in hand I climbed aboard...

Part Two: 408 to Epsom and back

Photos by Ian Smith. Click on any of them for a larger picture.

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