RT604 at Leatherhead

Leatherhead Running Day

Sunday 6th September 2007

Prepared by Ian Smith, 4th October 2009

Part One: Croydon

As I was passing Sandilands a new Enviro-Trident came along on route 466, so I sampled it for the short ride along to East Croydon Station. I alighted from T59 there and watched it pull away, pondering the old expression about the backside of a bus.

T59 at East Croydon T59 at East Croydon

Tramlink had a hole in it. Over-running replacement work on the points at East Croydon Station meant that during the week trams had been terminating from the east in Platform 2 of the stop outside East Croydon Station, and from the west at a temporary platform at Dingwall Road. Today the easterly terminus was Sandilands, but the Dingwall Road stop was still in operation. 2553 was sitting there, with staff checking Oyster cards with handheld readers.

2553 at Dingwall Road 955 on 405 at Croydon 957 on 119 at East Croydon

I headed for West Croydon on foot. Buses passed as I went, including one of the new Scania OmniCitys with Polish double-deck bodywork, Metrobus' 955 on route 405 from Redhill. (I fluffed the shot of ITS new-style rear end, so here's one I took the day before of 957 on the 119 at East Croydon.)

Also new for Metrobus was 870, an Optare Olympus-bodied Scania, which passed me on route 75, heading for Lewisham.

870 on 75, West Croydon 870 on 75, West Croydon

Demonstrating the slightly more restrained rear end styling of the previous generation of double-deckers was Arriva's nine-year old DLA187, working route 60, while sister DLA332 demonstrated the equally restrained front end styling on route 109.

DLA187 on 60, Croydon DLA332 on 109, Croydon

Changes in single-deck styling were partially illustrated by Alexander-bodied Dart ADL14 on the 407, Plaxton-bodied Dart PDL118 on the 166 and East Lancs bodied Scania 544 on the X26. (The new style Enviro Darts and other new styles did not manage to get in front of my camera while I waited).

ADL14 on 407, Croydon PDL118 on 166, Croydon 544 on X26, Croydon

DAF-powered Wright Cadet DWS17 showed another style as it passed on the 410, and a couple of London General's new Tridents with Optare Olympus bodies showed their modern styling, including DOE126 on the 154.

DWS17 on 410, Croydon DOE26 on 154, Croydon

Then, just before half past nine the looked-for bus appeared: RT604 was arriving to take us all to Leatherhead. (and about time too, after a page of modern boxes, I can almost hear some of you muttering!)

Part 2: 408: Croydon to Leatherhead: RT604

All photos by Ian Smith. Click on most of them for a larger picture.

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