RT3062 at Loughton Station RT3228 at Epping Station

Loughton & Epping Running Day

Sunday 13th September 2009

Prepared by Ian Smith, 30th October 2009

Part Four: Red RFs from Epping

20B: Epping to Loughton Garage: RF429

I just had time to catch RF429 south from Epping High Street. I settled into a seat as we headed south into Epping Forest. T1101 came towards us, heading for Epping. We passed the Wake Arms Hotel, and turned down Goldings Hill towards the north end of Loughton.

I had calculated that I did not have time to go into Loughton Station on RF429. So I alighted at Loughton Garage, and crossed the road to the northbound stop. RF429 headed off for Loughton Station.

Inside RF429: T1101 comes RF429 at Loughton Garage

RF429 at Loughton Garage RF429 departs Loughton Garage

There used to be two London Transport garages here. The original London Transport garage still has parts recognisable in the store by the northbound stop. but the newer garage on the southbound side has completely disappeared under a housing development.

RF28 came chuckling past on a 720 bound for Woodford, shortly followed by T1101 on the 20A to Woodford Wells.

RF28 at Loughton Garage T1101 at Loughton Garage

A modern incumbent of the 20 route, Arriva's DLA300, also made a southbound stop before lumbering away towards Loughton station.

DLA300 at Loughton Garage

20B: Loughton Garage to Epping: RF503

RF503 rolled down the hill towards me. A clear hand-signal resulted in a winking flasher, and Steve stopped to pick me up. We climbed up Goldings Hill to the Wake Arms Roundabout, and headed into Epping. The turning triangle just at the end of the High Street was well jammed up with cars, so we forked left into Lindsey Street and right through Maltings Lane to return to the High Street for a pause opposite the Church.

RF503 at Loughton Garage RF503 on 20B at Epping

250: Epping to Passingford Bridge, and back: RF503

Arriva's Solo 2454 was back from Ongar on the 501, and paused on the oopposite side of the road, while our blinds were changed for the 250 to Passingford Bridge. (The 250 was a Romford route, so this short-working blind shows via points from the southern section of route).

ATS2454 at Epping RF503 on 250 at Epping

We set off round the corner into Station Road, and met RF308 heading west on its afternoon foray to Roydon. The 250 did not serve the station, but turned off before reaching it, into Centre Drive, and we did likewise. We dropped down Centre Drive, providing a parallel service to the 381 on Bower Hill. At the foot we turned right into Ivy Chimneys Road, to run along the valley side just above the M25, to Theydon Road, where we turned left, down across the motorway and on to Theydon Bois, where we made a stop.

RF308 near Epping RF503 on 250 at Theydon Bois

From Theydon Bois we continued across the Roding Valley to Abridge, where the 250 route almost made contact with the 167A (which stops just short of the junction). We made another photo-stop.

RF503 at Abridge RF503 at Abridge

We rumbled on to Passingford Bridge - now a large roundabout on the south side of the river bridge. We rolled round the roundabout, and headed back towards Abridge. The Passingford Bridge bus stops are on the south side of the roundabout, and traffic on the A113 was not conducive to casual stops.

We made our right turn in Abridge, and crossed the valley to Theydon Bois, where we made a stop.

RF503 at Theydon Bois RF503 at Theydon Bois

From Theydon Bois we heasded back for Epping Forest, across the M25 and up the hill. We remembered the right turn into Ivy Chimneys Road, and the turn up Central Drive to reach Station Road. In Epping we headed to turn on the large triangle again, and met RML2330 coming in off the 339, and bound for Loughton Station. After the turn we dribbled back along Epping High Street towards the Church stop, and met RT3228 heading home after its final run.

RML2330 near Epping Station RT3228 at Epping

20B: Epping to Loughton: RF503

The blinds were changed again for the 20B run back to Loughton Station, and we set off southwards along the High Road to the Wake Arms. We passed another red RF on the way, and then one of Regal Buses' Darts at Loughton Garage. We climbed the hill away from the garage, and found our way back through Loughton to the station.

RF503 at Epping RF503 at Loughton

It was quiet in the bus station. Most buses had already set off for home, although some would remain for the evening run. Two of the London Bus Company RTs were there: Saunders-bodied RT3062 plus RT3871.

RT3062 at Loughton RT3062 at Loughton

RT3871 at Loughton

I sought out a few people to say thank you, and headed for the Tube Station.

Epping, Loughton system map

Many thanks to the Country Bus Rallies team for organising the event, and to private preservationists and the London Bus Company for providing buses and crews. Loughton and Epping may be a small event (with the number of buses limited by the Councils), but it provides plenty of interest. Thank You.

Buses (there may have been others that I missed):

All photos by Ian Smith. Click on most of them for a larger picture.

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