RT3062 at Loughton Station RT3228 at Epping Station

Loughton & Epping Running Day

Sunday 13th September 2009

Prepared by Ian Smith, 30th October 2009

Part Three: RT3228: Epping to Ongar and back

RT3228 duly arrived and parked up for a short break at Epping Station.

Eventually it was departure time, and the bus pulled forward onto the station stop to load up. I managed the seat behind the bonnet again. The bus was quickly away, turning round the tight circle and climbing the approach ramp past RF308.

RT3228 at Epping Stn RML2330 and RF308 at Epping Stn

RML2330 came down past us, back from a 339 foray, and was quickly followed by RF281 on the 720 GreenLine service.

RML2330 on 339 at Epping Stn RF281 on 720 at Epping Stn

We turned left, up into Epping. We turned right, along the High Street, and headed north-east. We forked right off the Harlow road onto the road for North Weald, passing through the woodland of Coopersale Common. We passed the end of the road coming up from the village, which was just 300m down the lane, beyond the low railway bridge. We crossed the M11 and passed the end of one of North Weald Airfield's runways to enter the village. Progress was slowed abruptly by a couple of young ladies on horseback.

Coopersale Woods horses, North Weald

We continued north-east to Tylers Green, where we turned along the A414 for the run along to Ongar. We turned right in the village, to reach the station. We pulled in to the station yard. Apart from the railway preservation displays there were several preserved buses in the yard, including an unidentified RM and an ex-London Metrobus.

The RT steamed gently until departure time.

RM, M, Ongar Stn RT3228 Ongar Stn

The bus was turned in the tight space available, and reloaded for the return journey. As we headed for North Weald we were treated to several run-pasts by a preserved Vampire jet.

We also met RML2330 heading for Ongar, and a little later Arriva The Shires Solo 2454, working the 501.

RML2330 on 339 2454 on 501

We rolled down into Epping. I alighted in the town, having worked out that I should be in time to catch a 20B to Loughton Garage. The RT continued, to turn down the hill to the station...

RT3228, Epping

Part 4: 20B: Epping and Loughton Garage

All photos by Ian Smith. Click on most of them for a larger picture.

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