The London Country TD Leyland Tiger / Duple Coaches

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Photographic References

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TD 1   YPD 101Y  LBR84 p60   */84 NF on 789 to Eastbourne, Greenhithe, Greenline, white/green/comb
                 LBM141 p48          on 723 to Isle of Wight, Greenline, white/green/comb

TD 2   YPD 102Y  LC2 p115    8/83 NF on 785 to Brighton & Worthing, Thamesmead, Greenline, white/green/green/comb
                 LCBCP p64   8/83 NF on 784 to Eastbourne, Thamesmead, Greenline, white/green/green/comb

TD 5   YPD 105Y  LCJG p117   7/85    on 790 to Heathrow Airport, Oxford
                 LBM75 p08   6/90    with The Delaine, Bourne

TD 10  YPD 110Y  LCJG p108   */83 HH on 759 to Hemel Hempstead, Eccleston Bridge, Greenline comb
                 LBR86 p90   */86 HH on 708 to Aylesbury, Hemel Hempstead, Greenline comb
                 LBR88 p85   7/88    on 907 to Brighton, Greenline, white/green/green/comb

TD 11  YPD 111Y  LBM64 p18        SV on 384 to Stevenage, Walkern, Greenline, white/green/green/comb
                 LBM142 p34  */83 SV on 733 to Hitchin, Reading, Greenline, white/green/green/comb

TD 12  YPD 112Y  LBM142 p37          off 291 to Haddenham, Battersea, GreenLine
                 LBM90 p40   1994    with Hulleys of Baslow

TD 13  YPD 113Y  LBR86 p68   */86    on 955 to Southsea, Chesham, Greenline, white/green/comb
                 BusX31 p27          on 291 to Haddenham, Embankment, Greenline, white/green/comb

TD 16  YPD 116Y  LBR84 p60           on 729 to Clacton & Walton, Old Harlow, Greenline, white/green/comb

TD 19  YPD 119Y  LBM142 p38       HH on 758 to London, Victoria, Greenline, white/green/green comb
                 LBM146 p34  2/84 HH on 708 to Aylebury, Haydon Road, Greenline, white/green/green comb

TD 20  YPD 120Y  BusX31 p24          on 733 to Hitchin, Rickmansworth, Greenline, white/green/comb

TD 21  YPD 121Y  LBR84 p61   8/84    on 350 to Hertford, Much Hadham, Greenline, white/green/comb

TD 22  YPD 122Y  LBM45 p03   4/83    on 708 to Aylesbury, Hemel Hempstead, Greenline, white/green/green comb
                 Bus341 p317 4/83    on 708 to Aylesbury, Hemel Hempstead, Greenline, white/green/green comb

TD 24  YPD 124Y  Bus341 p361 1983 CY on 777 to London, Victoria, Greenline comb
                 LBR88 p95           on 533, Epping, Greenline, white/green/comb

TD 25  YPD 125Y  BusX29 p10          on 625 to Cardiff, Newport, National Express
                 LBM142 p38  */83    on 625 to Cardiff, Reigate, National Express

TD 26  YPD 126Y  LBR84 p80  10/86 ST on 802 to Manchester, Uxbridge, National Express livery

TD 28  YPD 128Y  Bus341p365  1983    on 625 to Gatwick Airport, Cardiff, National Express livery

TD 29  YPD 129Y  LBM142 p51  */85    on 799 to Stansted Airport, Buck.Pal.Rd, National Holidays livery
                 LBM90 p40   1994    with Whites of Calver, Matlock

TD 30  YPD 130Y  LBH2_87p26  5/86    on 750 to Hemel Hempstead, Stevenage, National Holidays white 

TD 31  YPD 131Y  LBM142 p38          on 747 to Gatwick Airport, Hampton Court, Jetlink 747 white/yellow/grn comb

TD 32  YPD 132Y  BusX31 p20          on 747 to Gatwick, Heathrow Airport, Jetlink 747
                 GDGL p61    5/83    empty, Hampton Court, Jetlink 747
                 LT6395 p86 c1986    on 715 to Guildford, National Holidays livery
                 LBR88 p118          on 436 to Heathrow Airport, Greenline white/green/green comb

TD 33  YPD 133Y  LBR84 p61   6/84 ST on 718 to London, Kingston, Jetlink 747, white/green/yellow comb
                 LC2 p118    1985    on 715 to Guildford, Hammersmith, National Holidays white

TD 34  YPD 134Y  LBR86 p78   */86    on 212 to Watford, Patchetts Green, National Holidays white

TD 35  YPD 135Y  LBM78 p43   8/87    on 719 to London, Watford Junction, Greenline, green/green comb

TD 36  YPD 136Y  LC2 p118         ST on 747 to Heathrow Airport, Gatwick, Jetlink 747

TD 37  YPD 137Y  LCBiC p25   1983    on 747 to Heathrow Airport, Gatwick, Jetlink white: y/grn comb 
                 LBM142 p54  7/86    on 715 to Guildford, Oxford Circus, National Express livery
                 LBM131 p34          at Crawley Works: National Express livery
       GJI 2223  BYB95 p94   1991    with Ludlows, Halesowen

TD 38  YPD 138Y  LBR84 p81  12/84 HG on 765 to Stevenage, Sevenoaks, ex-Jetlink white: y/grn comb, no fleetname

TD 40  YPD 140Y  LBR84 p61   6/84 HA on 799 to London, Stansted Airport

TD 41  YPD 141Y  LBH2_87p26  1986    on 758 to Hemel Hempstead, Ecc.Br., Greenline, white/green/green/comb

TD 44  YPD 144Y  LBH2_87p26  1988    on 726 to Dartford, Bexleyheath, Greenline, white/green/green/comb, KB248
                 LBR88 p109  1988    on 726 to Dartford, Bexleyheath, Greenline, white/green/green/comb, KB248

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