The London Country RB and RS Reliance Coaches

Photographic References

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RS 1   PPH 431R  LBM139 p24  5/77 SA on 717 to Luton Airport

RS 2   PPH 432R  BusX31 p20  1977 WR on 700 to London, Hyde Pk Cnr

RS 5   PPH 435R  LC2 p98     1977 SA on 707 to Luton Airport, Luton Airport

RS 8   PPH 438R  LC2 p48     8/80 SA on 717 to Luton Airport, St Albans LC

RS 15  TPD 15S   50YGL p84   4/79 SA on 717 to Luton Airport, Brent Cross

RB 16  PPH 446R  Bus338 p223 1983    with Boons of Boreham

RB 17  PPH 447R  LBM23 p05   1977 WR on 705 to Sevenoaks, Bromley
                 LBM24 p35   1977 WR on 725 to Windsor, West Croydon
                 LBM139 p26  */77 WR on 700 to Windsor, Victoria
                 LCtryB p75       WR Private, at Windsor LT

RB 25  TPD 25S   LBM23 p00  11/77 MA on 790 to London, Beaconsfield

RB 26  TPD 26S   LC2 p100    5/78    on 726 to Windsor, Heathrow

RB 27  TPD 27S   LCtryB p57 10/77    on 726, Kingston, rear n/s

RS 32  VPH 32S   LCtryB p12  7/78    on 726 to Gravesend, Gravesend

RS 35  VPH 35S   LCtryB p29 11/78 RG on 727 to Luton Airport, Crawley

RS 36  VPH 36S   LCtryB p42 11/78    on 727 to Crawley, Reigate
                 CBY3 p53    1979 RG on 727 to Heathrow Airport, Heathrow	

RS 38  VPH 38S   LT6395p57           at Heathrow, rear view	

RS 42  XPK 42T   50YGL p104       HF on 732 to Hitchin, Brent Cross
                 LBM146 p35  */83 HF on 733 to Reading, Watford Junction

RB 47  XPK 47T   LBM139 p28          on 718 to London, Windsor Castle

RB 48  XPK 48T   LCtryB p106 1/79 HA on 724 to Harlow, St.Albans

RB 52  XPK 52T   50YGL p118       ST on 718 to London
                 LT6395p57           at Heathrow, rear view

RB 57  VPH 57S   LBM139 p28          off 724 to Harlow, Windsor Castle!

RB 61  YPL 61T   MinLC p57   1981 DG on 402 to Sevenoaks, Bromley

RB 65  YPL 65T   LC2 p102    1979 ST on 718 to Windsor, in 747-Jetlink livery
                 LBM131 p25       ST at Crawley Works, offside rear view, 747 Jetlink livery 

RB 66  YPL 66T   BYB93 p61           on Private Party, Greenline livery

RB 68  YPL 68T   Bus329p339          showing 747 to Heathrow, Brighton Coach Rally, Jetlink 747
                 MinLC p43           on 747 to Heathrow, Gatwick
                 50YGL p112          on Green line at Windsor, rear view

RB 69  YPL 69T   50YGL p83   4/79    on 726 to Gravesend, Windsor

RB 75  YPL 75T   LBM142 p20          on 788, Victoria, Green Line

RB 76  YPL 76T   BYB92 p113       ST on 747, Staines garage, Green Line
                 LBM138 p42       ST on 718 to Windsor, Victoria, Jetlink 747 livery

RB 75  YPL 75T   LBM52 p41           Merthyr Tydfil #240    

RB 78  YPL 78T   BusX31 p22  9/81    on 790 to Oxford, Green Line

RB 81  YPL 81T   GD_GL p54   9/81 HG on 798 to Cambridge, Turnpike Lane, white, green/yellow bands

RB 86  YPL 86T   LC2 p110    6/84 CY on 795 to Gatwick & Crawley, Southend

RB 99  YPL 99T   GRover p63 11/79 WY on 734 to Addlestone, Hornsey
                 LBM31 p2   11/79 WY on 734 to Addlestone, Hornsey
                             7/80 MA on 290 to London, Marble Arch
                 LBM141 p15       MA on 291 to Thame

RB 102 YPL 102T  LBM142 p13  5/80    on 734 to Addlestone, Brent Cross

RB 105 YPL 105T  LBM45 p04   1983    on 437 to Guildford, Kingston, Greenline

RS 107 APM 107T  LBM142 p28  */82 GF on 740 to Farnham, Victoria

RS 110 APM 110T  LBM139 p30 11/78    on 708 to Aylesbury, Stanmore Station
RS 111 APM 111T  BatWk p48   8/81    on 708 to London, Tring
RS 113 APM 113T  LC2 p104    7/82 GF on 740 to Farnham, Hyde Pk Cnr
RS 117 APM 117T  LCBiC p51   1979    on 708 to Aylesbury, Eccleston Br

RS 119 APM 119T  LC2 p05     1979    on 758 to Hemel Hempstead, Eccleston Br
                 LBM146 p37  6/80 HH on 708 to Victoria

RB 121 EPM 121V  LBM146 p33  5/82 GR on 750 to Bristol

RB 125 EPM 125V  LBM90 p40   8/94    with Aston Express Coaches

RB 127 EPM 127V  GD_GL p56   3/82 HA on 702 to B.Stortford, Walthamstow, white, green bands

RB 133 EPM 133V  LBM32 p6    1980    showing 734 to Heathrow Airport, Golden Jubilee livery

RB 135 EPM 135V  LT6395 p68          Private, in Bournemouth, Golden Jubilee livery
                 LCBiC p56   1980    Private, in Bournemouth, Golden Jubilee livery

RS 136 EPM 136V  LBM131 p27  */80    new, at Crawley Works for branding, green/gold/white
                 LC2 p106         CY on 777 to London, 777 Flightline livery
                 LBM142 p21  6/81 CY on 777 to Gatwick, Leatherhead, 777 Flightline/gold livery
                 LBM142 p24          on 777 to Gatwick, Victoria C.S, 777 Flightline

RS 137 EPM 137V  ABC80 p73   1/80    at launch for LT Golden Jubilee Year, Whitehall Court
                 LBM32 p8    1/80    at launch for LT Golden Jubilee Year, Whitehall Court, o/s rear
                 LBM142 p00  */80    on 732 to Hitchin, Brent Cross, Green Line gold/green/white
                 LC2 p106    5/81 CY on 777 to Gatwick, 777 Flightline livery

RS 139 EPM 139V  LBM39 p5   10/81    on 723 to London, Parliament Square

RS 148 EPM 148V  BusX31 p23  6/82    on Sealine 773 to Gatwick, at Brighton
                 LBM142 p26  6/82    on Sealine 773 to Gatwick, Crawley
                 LBM48 p04   4/84    on 795 to Crawley, Green Street Green, Sealine773 livery

RS 149 EPM 149V  LBM32 p4    */80 DS on 714 to Dorking, Barnes, Green Line green/white

RS 150 EPM 150V  LBM142 p18  4/81 DS on 773 to Brighton, Green Line green/white

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