The London Country P,D Reliance Coaches

Photographic References

This page created 28th October 2002 by Ian Smith

A key to the references can be found in the bibliography

P 1   SPK 201M  ABC79 p79   2/80    Private Party, Crystal Palace, NBC white, green band, Green Line
                GD_GL p62   6/83    on the way to Guildford, white, green band, Green Line
                LBH2_87 p44 4/86    on GreenLine to Oxford Circus, NBC white, green band, Green Line
                LBH2_90 p47 6/90    on 406F, Epsom

P 2   SPK 202M  LT6395 p58          Private, Oxted, white, private hires: school duties

P 4   SPK 204M  BYB00 p119  1975    Private, Victoria Coach, National white
                LC2 p13    c1975    Tour, Ludgate Circus, National white

P 5   SPK 205M  LC2 p116    1977    Express Service, Cardiff Bus Stn, white, green band
                LBM139 p29  1978    on Private Hire, Wembley Stadium, Greenline livery

P 9   BLA 597H  LCtryB p18          Dartford, white/green Green Line, rear o/s 
D 16  PFN 791M  LC2 p116    1982 NF on 077 (Gravesend-Ventnor), on IOW, white/green

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