The London Country DL, PL Leyland Leopard / Duple or Plaxton Coaches

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Photographic References

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DL 1   HPC 101V  CB12 p40        HG on 798 to Cambridge, Hyde Pk Cnr, Greenline, white / green		
                 LC2 p107        HG on 798 to Cambridge, BA Terminal, Greenline, white / green	
                 LBM142 p24      HG on 798 to Cambridge, Victoria C.S., Greenline, white / green	
                 LBR86 p69  */86 HG on 524 to Bishops Stortford, Green Line

DL 2   HPC 102V  LBH2_87 p16     HG on 524 to Watford, Watford Junction, white/green/Green Line		
                 LBM142 p14         on Green Line Tour, Calais
                 LBM142 p20         on 798 to Cambridge

DL 3   MPL 123W  BusX31 p21      WY on Flightline 767, Heathrow, white/green/Flightline		
                 LC2 p108        WY on Flightline 767, Victoria Coach Stn, white/green/Flightline		

DL 4   MPL 124W  Bus321p559      DT on NatEx 138 to Walton-on-the-Naze, Basildon white/green Green Line		

DL 6   MPL 126W  LBM142 p37      NF off 720 to London, Battersea, white/green Green Line		

DL 7   MPL 127W  LBM105 p20      NF on 720 to London Embankment, London Bridge, white/green Green Line		

DL 10  MPL 130W  LBM138 p44 6/83 ST on 718 to Windsor, Greenline green/white
                 LBM142 p21      ST on 747 Jetlink to Gatwick Airport, Jetlink 747, white/green/yellow/Jetlink		

DL 11  MPL 131W  LBM163 p52         on 747 to Gatwick, Jetlink 747

DL 13  MPL 133W  BYB92 p113      ST on 747 Jetlink, Staines LC, Greenline, white/green/yellow/Jetlink		

DL 15  MPL 135W  LBM131 p29         new, at Crawley Works for branding, Greenline, white/green/yellow/Jetlink		

PL 18  NPA 218W  BYB93 p20  1983 SV on 797 to London, Royston, Green Line, white/green
                 LBM142 p37      SV off 797 to Stevenage, Battersea, Green Line, white/green

PL 22  NPA 222W  Bus316p292 4/81 SV on 797 to Cambridge, Cambridge: Green Line, white/green	

PL 24  NPA 224W  BusX29 p10 1983 DS on 762 to Brighton, Bracknell, Green Line, white/green
                 LBM142 p34 */83 DS on 762 to Reading, Reading, Green Line, white/green
                 LBM142 p34 */83 DS on 755 to Gravesend, Brighton, Green Line, white/green

PL 25  NPA 225W  LC2 p117   8/81 DS on 714 to Kingston, Surbiton, Green Line, white/green
                 LBM142 p47 4/85 DS on last 762 to Guildford, Woodhatch, Green Line, white/green

PL 28  NPA 228W  LBR86 p93  1/86 DS on 714 to Horsham, Chessington, Green Line, white/green

PL 30  NPA 230W  LBM142 p31 1/83 DS on 762 to Reading, Crawley, Green Line, white/green

PL 32  NPA 232W  CB12 p40        DS on 714 to Horsham, Hyde Pk Cnr, Green Line, white/green

Kentishbus 224 GDF 277V LBR88 p109 1988 DT on 726 to Dartford, Greenline green/green comb, white top 228 SND 296K LBH2_90p40 1990 on 726 to Dartford, Kentish Coach maroon/primrose livery 240 YEL 98Y LBR88 p109 1988 DT 0n 726 to Croydon, Greenline green/green comb, white top LBH2_89p27 4/88 DT on 726 to Dartford, Greenline green/green comb, white top
Countybus PL 550 KUB 550V LBH2_90p27 1989 on Free Bus to North Weald Market, Waltham Cross, blue/white BYB96 p94 1993 on 331 to Hertford, Romford
London Buses LD 3 OMA 508V LBR88 p67 NX LB: Selkent, red, grey skirt AIHLB p04 NX London Central LD 4 OMA 504V LBR88 p70 BX Bexleybus, blue/cream: in use on 96 LP 5 185 CLT LBH95 p22 EM Leaside Travel: white, red "Leaside Travel"

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