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Kentish Bus

In May 1985 Black & White Motorways ceased its nominally independent existence, and its coaches were allocated within the National Express coach companies. A number of Leyland Leopards came within the ambit of Tillings Travel, which was part of the National London fleet that had come under the control of London Country. They were a mixed bag: Two (397 and 398) had Eastern Coachworks B51 bodies, like the TL Tigers, two (277 and 286) had Duple Dominant II bodies, and one (296) had a Plaxton Supreme V body. The remaining two, 331 and 332, had chassis dating back to 1972, which had been rebuilt by Hants and Dorset in 1981 and fitted with Plaxton Supreme bodies, the "new" ensembles being then reregistered.

Kentish Coach 228 drawing In February 1987 all but 298 were formally conveyed to London Country South East, and became part of the Kentish Bus fleet. They were in a mix of National Express and National Holidays liveries. They were renumbered into the Kentish Bus coach numbering system in April 1987.

The rebuilds (now 222 and 223) were, understandably, early retirees, during 1988. Two (now 227 and 228) received Kentish Bus maroon and cream livery, followed by Kentish Coach fleetnames.

Kentish Coach 240 drawing The return off-lease of the TL Tigers in spring 1988 produced a shortage of GreenLine vehicles, and some of the acquired Leopards were repainted then into Greenline green/green comb livery, with white uppers and roofs, for use on the 726.

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