The London Country BTL Leyland Tiger / Berkhof Everest Coaches

Individual bus histories

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Photographic References

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         A832 NTW  LBM131 p32  */84    at Crawley Works, GreenLine green/green comb
                   B2011 p110          GreenLine green/green comb

BTL 1    B101 KPF  LCJG p119  11/84    at Gatwick Airport, GreenLine
                   LBM142 p46  */85    on 747 to Heathrow, GreenLine green/green comb
                   LBM142 p49 10/85    for Speedlink, Crawley, GreenLine green/green comb

BTL 2    B102 KPF  LBH2_90p48  3/90    at Crawley, GreenLine green/green comb

BTL 3    B103 KPF  LBM52 p08   1985 SL on Jetlink 747 to Gatwick, Jetlink 747 livery

BTL 4    B104 KPF  B2011 p111  */90    on Jetlinl 747 to Heathrow, Jetlink 747 livery

BTL 5    B105 KPF  LBM142 p45 11/84    for GreenLine, Crawley
                   LCJG p119  11/84    at Gatwick Airport, Jetlink

BTL 6    B106 KPF  B2011 p111  */92    on 724: Green Line (County Bus)

         B108 KPF  B2011 p115  */99    rebodied as bus: Midland Red North Tamworth

BTL 10   B110 KPF  LBM142 p45 11/84    for Flightline777, Crawley

BTL 11   B111 KPF  LCJG p119  11/84    at Gatwick Airport, Flightline 777

BTL 12   B112 KPF  LCJG p155           at BTL launch
                   LBM52 p09   1985 SL on 625 to Cardiff, Bristol, GreenLine green/green comb

BTL 13   B113 KPF  B2011 p112  */92    National Express, Brighton

BTL 14   B114 KPF  LCJG p119  11/84    at Gatwick Airport, National Express

BTL 15   B115 KPF  B2011 p112 12/84    Flightline 777 to Gatwick, Victoria, Flightline 777

BTL 18   B119 KPF  LBM131 p33  3/85    at Crawley Works, National Express livery  
20       B118 KPF  BYB92 p115          on 720 to Gravesend, Victoria, white, Kentish coach/Shearings National

BTL 24   B124 KPF  B2011 p112  */85    Insight International, Crawley
25       B124 KPF  BYB92 p115          on 720 to Gravesend, Victoria, Kentish coach white livery

BTL 25   B125 KPF  LBM131 p33          at Crawley Works, Insight International blue/white/yellow

BTL 26   C126 PPE  LC2 p120            on Speedlink, Speedlink blue/white/yellow/red

BTL 27   C127 PPE  LBM157 p30  8/92    on 747 to Stevenage, Heathrow, Jetlink livery
                   B2011 p115  */93    with KenMargra Coaches, Yorkshire

BTL 30   C130 PPE  LBH2_90p59  7/90    on Jetlink, new grey skirt livery
                   B2011 p113  */90    Speedlink livery, Luton!

BTL 31   C131 PPE  LBM82 p52           on Jetlink to Gatwick, Watford, new grey skirt livery

BTL 36   C136 SPB  B2011 p113  */86    at Brighton, Green Line livery

BTL 37   C137 SPB  LC2 p121            on 767 to London, Heathrow Flightline pale green/green/yellow

BTL 45   C145 SPB  B2011 p113  */87    National Holidays, Scratchwood Services
                   B2011 p114  */96    Countryliner, Chessington

4017     C147 SPB  LCBH98 p59          on 759 to Hemel Hempstead, Arriva The Shires GreenLine

28       C152 SPB  B2011 p114  */92    Kentish Express

29       C153 SPB  B2011 p114  */90    Kentish Coach: Shearings National livery
         JSK 994   LBM157 p35  5/93    on 720 to London, Gravesend: Kentish Express silver/red

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