GS32 at Hertford

Hertford and Stevenage Running Day

Sunday June 3rd 2001

Prepared by Ian Smith, 17th June 2001, best on 800*600.

GS32 at Hertford

Part 1: Hertford

"Can you be there by ten?" asked Colin "We want to take some pictures with the Mayor". Well, the train drifted in to Hertford East about ten past, having been delayed by signalling problems on the branch from Broxbourne. But all was well. The bus station was quiet when I arrived, with just GS32 sitting quietly on the east side, waiting to take up a 329 duty to Nup End, and RMC1477 looking gorgeous in a bus station bay, dressed for the 715.
RT3148 arrived for a 395A working, the RMC departed, and the RT went too. Then RF4 and red RF406 arrived, and the fun could start officially.
RT3148,  Hertford RT3148,  Hertford

RMC1477 Hertford RF406 at Hertford

Mayor with GS32 at Hertford Mayor with RF486 at Hertford

The Mayor enjoyed the occasion. She climbed aboard the RF and sat in the driver's seat. She crossed the road to see GS32, asked about the Guy's Indian, and borrowed Peter Gomm's inspector's hat. She was a good sport, and set the day going with a flourish.

Then it was time for me to leave, aboard RF4 bound as the 10.15 384 by back roads to Stevenage...

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