T792, Cole Green

Hertford Running Days

Saturday 7th, Sunday 8th June 2014

Prepared by Ian Smith, 1st July 2014.

308A: Stevenage to Little Berkhamsted: RF633

It turned out that my selected next journey was also with RF633, which rolled up at the stop to head for Little Berkhamsted. We took on a good load, and set off, wriggling our way out from the bus station to the roundabout on the inner by-pass. Curling round that, we met East Kent Reliance, arriving with a feeder service from Ebbsfleet.

RF633 on 308A, Hertford Bus Stn WFN513, Hertford

We climbed the steep little hill up to County Hall, and dropped down the other side to Horns Mill. We headed on south to Brickendon, then west past Bayford Station to Bayford. We were back into the woodlands out to Epping Green, where we turned right -twice - to head into Little Berkhamsted. There we had a reverse turn into a side-road before coming to a stand at The Five Horseshoes.

RF633 on 308A, Lt.Berkhamsted RF633 on 308A, Lt.Berkhamsted

We set off back towards Hertford, this time turning left and left again through the woods to reach Bayford, where we paused by the Bakers Arms.

RF633 on 308A, Bayford RF633 on 308A, Bayford

I thought about asking for another photo-stop at Brickendon, but the stop thetre was clogged up with cars. So we pressed on, down to Horns Mill, then up over the County Hall hill.

Back at Bircherley Green variety was provided in the shape of London Buses red Leyland National LS43 working on the 715 to Waltham Cross. Local Sunday service was in the hands of Arriva Solo 2485, on the 395 between Sele Park Estatte and Fanham Common..

LS43 on 715, Hertford 2485 on 395, Hertford

On the other side of the bus station lurked GS32, and I went over for a chat...

Welwyn Garden City: 393 and 388

Photos by Ian Smith. Click on any of them for a larger picture.

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