RW3, Bengeo

Hertford Running Days

Saturday 2nd, Sunday 3rd June 2012

Prepared by Ian Smith, 13th June 2012.

Mid-afternoon: a half-hour at Hertford

When we emerged from the bus station cafe the stands were quite full. Immediately in front of us were two of the Centrebus vehicles: Solo 322, probably on duty as staff ferry and Sunday rest-room, and Dart SLF 541 back from a trip on the 311.

Centrebus 322 Centrebus 541

Next to them was RF539, a typical local bus of not a few generations earlier, that had come in off the 308A from Little Berkhamsted. Then RF633 arrived. Wearing a 388 blind, it had actually been out on the Town Tour, having taken over from RF4 which had done the morning turns.

RF539 off 308A RF633 off Town Tour

At the end of the row GS2 loaded up for the next short run of the 329 to Bulls Green, while GS64 arrived from there and unloaded. At the other end RF146 came in to load up for the trip south-eastwards to Nazeing Village - the route made famous by the green 2RT2s.

GS2, GS64 on 329 RF146 on 327

RF518 came into the bus station, seeking a stand to load up for another 350 journey.

Then came the event that a group of bystanders had been queuing for for some time: RW3 coughed into life, with blinds set up for the 333 to Bengeo, and pulled round onto the stand.

RF518 for 350 RW3 for 333

The two RMCs also appeared again together, one arriving and one departing on the 715.

RMC1477 RMC1500c

Then appeared Eastbourne Regent 69 for a 331 working, followed by Green Line RT3254 coming in for the 390 to Stevenage.

69 for 331 RT3254 for 390

RW3 pulled out past RT3062 on its way to Bengeo, followed by RF633 on a long 388 journey all the way to Mardley Hill.

RW3 on 333, RT3062 RF633 on 388, RT3062

Centrebus 541 finally relinquished its spot on the stance and set off for Waltham Cross on the 311, and was replaced on the stop by sister 529 with a C4 working.

Centrebus 541 on 311 Centrebus 529 on C4

Now it was time to fire up the RT and head for Stevenage...

Part Seven: Stevenage

Photos by Ian Smith. Click on any of them for a larger picture.

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