RF633, Eastwick

Hertford & Stevenage

Saturday 4th, Sunday 5th June 2011

Prepared by Ian Smith, 15th June 2010.


When I emerged from lunch the bus station was bustling again: GS2 departed full with a 329 short working to Bulls Green (like the Saturday afternoon shopping special). On a rather more modern note, Soar Centrebus 751, twice as long, departed for Waltham Cross on a 311.

GS2 on 329, Hertford Centrebus 751, Hertford

Then RT2083 departed with its permitted maxinmum load of eight, on a 715 to Wormley. Almost immediately RT3254 arrived with the previous 715 working, and pulled right round the bus station to unload clear of the congested stands. Then the RT was prpared for a short journey to Watton Station, with appropriate blinds and fare chart.

RT2083 on 715, Hertford RT3254 off 715, Hertford

RT3254 off 715, Hertford RT3254 off 715, Hertford RT3254 for 390, Hertford

390 Hertford to Watton Station: RT3254

While the blinds were being changed on RT3254 RML2323 was loading for a trip on the 331 to Standon Station. With a good load aboard it came round the bus station and past the RT.

RML2323 on 331, Hertford RML2323 on 331, Hertford

Then RT3062 came in to unload, and we went round onto the stand to fill up for the trip to Watton Station.

RT3062, Hertford RT3254 on 390, Hertford

Then we were away, out of the bus station, and immediately meeting RF429 and RF489 coming in different directions. We turned left, and left again, to pass Hertford East Station, before running back west on the inner by-pass. We turned into the town, and progressed along to Hertford North Station, where we had a brief stop.

RF429, RF489, Hertford Hertford North Stn

We headed north, under the 14ft 9in bridge here, and a little later the slightly higher (15ft0in) bridge at Stapleford. Soon we were at the Watton roundabout, and turned left to rejoin the old road into the village. We made our way up the street, past the Bull and the George and Daragon, to the mini-roundabout giving access to Station Road.

Watton (Bull) Watton (George and Dragon)

RT3254 ground up the steep bank to Watton Station. There we were asked to stay aboard while the bus reversed into a sideroad for a welcome break. Photographers descended. Opposite, across the hedge, was a fabulous field strewn with poppies: a real scene of the fifties.

RT3254 at Watton Station Watton Station; poppies

SWe headed back for Hertford: down into Watton, and south along the old road almost to the roundabout, then down the main road through Stapleford into Hertford. Heavy traffic delayed us through the town. Passing along the by-pass to the east end of town we met RF281, heading south on the 350. We turned the corner at the roundabout, and we were then treated to the proper route into the bus station, via the High Street and the east end of town.

RF281 passes, Hertford Hertford High Street

GS2 zipped out of the bus station with a 333 to Chapmore End as we arrived, but then there was something of a hiatus. RF429 was sitting on the far side, empty. I wandered across to Old London Road to see what was over there. It turned out to be RT4317.

RF429, Hertford RT4317

There was also an East Kent Reliance....

Part Eight: Reliance to Stevenage

Photos by Ian Smith. Click on any of them for a larger picture.

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