RT3254 on 716 at Stevenage

Hertford, Hitchin & Stevenage

Sunday June 7th 2009

Prepared by Ian Smith, 18th June 2009.

Points West

393: Welwyn Garden City to Hertford, RF633

Lunch was good. I had time afterwards to explore the facilities of the shopping mall, and be back to the bus station in time to see Ken Eveleigh arrive with RF627 on the 393 from Hertford. He was followed very soon afterwards by Peter Aves in RF633, having traversed the 388.

RF627 arrives at WGC. RF633 at WGC.

RF627 was returning to Hertford as a 388, and RF633 as a 393. The blinds were turned, the buses reloaded, and we were away at the same time, after a ten-minute layover. RF627 went first, escaping before the traffic lights turned red ahead of us, and disappeared round the roundabout heading for Welwyn North.

RF627 arrives at WGC. RF627 arrives at WGC.

Once the lights changed we too headed round the roundabout and over the railway, but continued east along the 393 route to Great Ganett. Suburbia was eventually left behind, and we crossed the main Hertford-Hatfield road to follow the old road to Cole Green. There it was quiet and sunny, ideal for a photo stop. Yes, I know the sun wasn't on the front of the bus...)

RF633 at Cole Green. RF633 at Cole Green.

Then it was back on the bus, and on into Hertingfordbury. We wound our way down the hill. RF679, the "spare" bus came the other way. We rumbled on towards Hertford.

Hertingfordbury. RF679 on 350A.

Coming into Hertford, Peter turned to take the old road into the town. We met GS2, roaring out on a short working of the 329 to Bulls Green. Then it was round the last section of town to reach the Bus Station at Bircherley Green.

GS2 on 329. RF633 at Hertford.

341: Hertford to Hatfield Station and back, RT3871

Hertford Bus Station held an interesting line-up: RM1 had arrived with a 331 from Standon; RML2330 was about to pond north to Stevenage on the 390; RT3871 was about to head for Hatfield on the 341, and RF4 was next out on the 393 to Welwyn Garden City.

RM1 at Hertford. RML2330 at Hertford. RT3871, RF4 at Hertford.

I walked along towards RT3871. RF4 set off for Welwyn, and its stand was immediately taken by RF308, which after a morning at Hitchin on the 304 had worked to Stevenage on the 386 and then south on the circuitous 384 via Benington.

RF4 on 393 at Hertford. RF308 on 384 at Hertford.

I joined the RT, and settled in to my seat behind the bonnet. We wriggled our way out of the bus station, and headed west past the town. RF679 came back from wherever it had been, wearing 388 blinds this time. We turned up past County Hall, and made our way out to Horns Mill, and out along the lush leafy lane to Essendon Mill.

RF679 at Hertford. The lane to Essendon Mill.

We turned right to get up onto the main road past the grounds of Hatfield House, and turned left to head past the town to the station, where Roger pulled round onto the stop. We had a few minutes, which gave us the opportunity to take some pictures, of the bus, the impressive gates of Hatfield House, and Uno Dart 115, eresting between turns on the 602.

RT3871 at Hatfield Station. RT3871 at Hatfield Station. RT3871 at Hatfield Station.

uno115 at Hatfield. Hatfield House Gates.

Back towards Hertford the skies were turning black again, and on the way back we ran into another downpour.

Part Five: More Hertford

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