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Harlow Running Day

Sunday May 5th 2013

Prepared by Ian Smith, 14th May 2013.

397 Harlow to Bishops Stortford: RML2310

Although it was still relatively early (1615) I needed to catch a train north to Cambridge as the first leg of my journey home. I could have stayed on a little longer, and caught the train back from Harlow Town Station, but here was an opportunity to ride the 397 up to Bishops Stortford, to catch my train there.

The bus turned out to be RML2310, one of the few red buses in evidence today. At least it was originally a Country Area bus, in Lincoln Green, finishing its London Country service at Harlow in 1977.

RML2310 on 397, Harlow RML2310 on 397, Harlow

We set out towards Old Harlow, passing on the way RMC1500 returning on a 397. This time, at Old Harlow, we did not turn off to the Green Man but continued north on Station Road. We rejoined the main road just south of Harlow Mill station, and passed 3856, still shuttling back and forth between Stansted and Harlow.

Old Harlow 3856 on 510

We grumbled north up the long straight A1184, through Sawbridgeworth and on towards Bishops Stortford. We avoided the Bishops Stortford by-pass, continuing towards the town, and turning off London Road to climb up through the narrow streets of the town. Then we looped back round to the east to reach the bus station.

RML2310 at BS RML2310 at BS

I left the bus there, and walked across to the Railway Station, to catch a train to Cambridge.

RML2310 at BS 379017 at BS

Many thanks to the organisers, in particular to Tom Drake for the idea and original impetus, and to Peter Cartwright for the detailed execution. Many thanks too to the drivers, conductors and owners. It was an excellent day.


RT1499, RT1700, RT2083, RT3232, RT3254
RF281, RF308, RF354*, RF518*, RF600, RF673
RMC1500, RMC1507, RML2310*, RML2323
MB90, DMS1515, RP90, BN45

Tom Drake kindly supplied this photo of the RT line-up, celebrating 50 years since the switch from Epping to Harlow garage.

HA50 line-up of RTs (Thomas Drake)

System map: system map

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