GS13 on 393

Harlow Running Day

Sunday May 5th 2013

Prepared by Ian Smith, 12th May 2013.

Harlow Bus Station

I had a few minutes before my 390 was due out. I almost got on RMC1500 by mistake. Well, actually, I DID get on RMC1500. I realised what I had done before it set off: I would have seriously perturbed the balance of my day's travel if I had gone.

So I had a look round the bus station again. RT3232 looked good, between journeys on the Green Line 720.

RMC1500 on 805, Harlow RT3232 of 720

BN45 came puttering under the central bridge wearing blinds for an unscheduled 809 service, and went to park. It was followed by Network Harlow's 3856, back from Stansted on the 510.

BN45 on 809, Harlow 3856 on 510

Parked beyond the bridge was Merlin MB90, already set up for its next trip, on the 397A to Harlow Mill Station. Behind was Regal Busways' latest acquisition from Metroline, DLM 158, still in its old colours, acting as staff rest room for the day.

MB90, Harlow DLM158

RF518, looking excellent, was resting between journeys on the 393. On the pedestrian side of the bus station stood the Supercar, based on DMS1515 with elements of Tube train and Network South East electric train. It was rebuilt to advertise Travelcards. Now it promotes the Epping Ongar Railway.

RF518, Harlow Supercar

The top end of the bus station at first looked like the Green Line end, with RT3254 and RF518 at rest. Closer inspection revealed that the Rt was set up for the 397 to Bishops Stortford, while the RF, after its turn on the 381, had been to Sawbridgeworth and back on the 390.

RT3254, Harlow RF281 off 390

Then modern Green Line arrived in the shape of Mercedes-Benz Citaro 3903 on the 724 to Heathrow.

3903 on 724, Harlow

RT2083 was still standing wearing its 720 blinds, while the bus station bustled around it. Regal Busways operates the Harlow local services on Sundays, and one of its Solos - 211 - wearing the company's newer livery was working route 4.

RT2083, Regal 211

I walked back down to my stop for the 390. RT3232 set off on the 720 to Bishops Stortford.

391: Harlow to Lower Sheering: BN45

BN45 was the rolling stock for the Sawbridgeworth service. The narrow-gauge Bristol LH pulled across to the stop wearing the 391 route number and Lower Sheering blind display appropriate to its period on the route in London Country days.

BN45 on 391 BN45 on 391

We set off down Vwelizy Avenue towards Harlow Town station. At the roundabout with First Avenue we passed RT1700 heading to the Bus Station.

RT1700, Velizy Avenue

Then we passed another of the Regal Solos (206) heading up the hill on a local service - and then another as we swung down to the station.

Regal Solo 206 Regal Solo, Harlow Town Stn

From the station we continued north to meet the Eastwick- Gilston road, where we turned right. Harlow was now behind us, and we roystered along the open road through Gilston and High Wych to Sawbridgeworth. There we turned north for a short way, up into the town, before turning right towards the station. We descended into the valley to meet the railway, crossed over, and continued a little way down into Sheering, turning right into Lower Road, our destination.

BN45, Lower Sheering BN45, Lower Sheering

391: Lower Sheering to Harlow: BN45

Several of us alighted while the BN pulled away to a turning point, and waited a couple of minutes until it returned.

BN45, Lower Sheering BN45, Lower Sheering

WE rturned up acrosxs the level crossing, and up into the town. We turned left along the high road, and promptly met RT3254 heading north for Bishops Stortford on the 397.

Sawbridgeworth Crossing RT3254 on 397, Sawbridgeworth

We turned right onto the country lane for High Wych, and enjoyed the sprightly ride along the country lane to Gilston, and on to the northern edge of Harlow. We called at the station again, and climbed up towards the bus station. RMC1500 emerged just as we arrived, and headed north.

Gilston Road RMC1500, Harlow

We turned into the bus station, passing RP90, which had moved down to this end. RF600 was loading up on the stand. We growled up the narrow entrance road, under the bridge, and found a space to unload on the turning circle.

RP90, Harlow BN45, Harlow

Now it was time to grab some lunch before heading south to Epping..

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